Sex swings used to be the mark of sexually adventurous couples. While plenty of couples still use them today for kinky fun, sex swings are also used as position aids for couples suffering from medical problems or other issues. Learn more about sex swings, including how they can improve your sex life. 

Sex Swings

What are Sex Swings?

Remember how you used to feel like you were flying as you went higher and higher on a playground swing? Imagine experiencing that same feeling in the middle of sex, and you can understand why sex swings are so fun!

Sex swings are position aids designed to suspend someone in mid-air. Some simple sex swings come with a simple harness you can wear around your waist and legs and hang over a door frame. More complex sex swings feature an open seat or saddle that hangs from your ceiling or a specialized stand. Sex swings can include special features like restraints for bondage play or stirrups to support your legs.

While sex swings might be intimidating at first, they’re a great way to enhance your sex life. Sex swings allow you and your partner to experience a freedom of movement and motion you can’t find anywhere else – unless you’re an astronaut! Sex swings make it feel like you’re floating or flying through the air to amplify your pleasure. And they naturally rock and forth during sex to increase your thrills even more.

Sex swings can make even the hardest positions easy to do – without requiring years of yoga! If you’re not flexible or strong enough to try a sex position on your own, then try it on a sex swing. The extra support provided by sex swings could be just what you need. Many women dislike cowgirl, for example, because of the stress it places on their leg muscles. But sex swings eliminate that strain completely. And there are dozens of other sex positions – basic and advanced – that can be spiced up with a sex swing.

Sex swings are also great for couples with medical issues. Older couples that aren’t as flexible as they used to be can use sex swings to reduce the strain on their muscles or joints. It’s also much easier to have sex in a swing than in a wheelchair.