With their soft texture and snug fit, masturbators feel better than your hand ever could. Masturbators can provide all types of stimulation – from blowjob-like sucking to the super-tight squeeze of anal sex. Learn more about the different types of masturbators and how they can put a smile on your face!

Male Masturbator and Stroker

What are Masturbators?

Masturbators are sex toys designed to enhance male masturbation so you can give your poor hand a break. These specialty sex toys are soft and tight offering a realistic feel for the ultimate stroking experience. Masturbators are typically lined with pleasure ribs, ticklers and teasers on the inside for extra stimulation and stronger orgasms. Masturbators comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes, but you can break them up into three general types, each with its own distinct strengths and weaknesses.


Realistic Masturbators
These sex toys tend to be life-sized (or reasonably close to it) duplicates that are often molded from popular porn stars. Realistic masturbators typically focus on the naughty bits, but they can include any and all body parts as well, including breasts, faces, legs, and even feet. Many porn stars consider their own realistic masturbator to be something of a status symbol and a sign that they’ve made it big. Realistics are more durable and life like than other types of masturbators, making them useful for men who want a long-term toy. Their large size makes realistic masturbators somewhat difficult to use, but they also come with many special features like egg vibrators to enhance your stimulation and pleasure.


Single-Ended & Double-Ended Masturbators
These two types of masturbators, generally known as strokers, have a very similar size and shape but feel very different. Strokers are smaller sex toys designed to fit comfortably and easily in your hand. Their small size makes stroker-style masturbators easy to hide around your home and great for traveling when you’re craving a little action on the go. Like their bigger cousins, strokers are lined with pleasure ribs and stimulators on the inside for additional thrills.

Single-Ended or Closed-Ended Masturbators only have a single opening in the front while the back is sealed shut. Using singled-ended masturbators creates a sucking sensation similar to a blowjob for additional fun. Many single-ended masturbators have a mouth-like shape to play on this sensation. Some might even come with a tongue ring too!

Double-Ended or Open-Ended Masturbators have two openings, one in the front and one in the back. This makes double-ended masturbators ideal for longer guys… even if you end up popping out the other end. And it also makes double-ended masturbators easier to clean and maintain since you can simply flush them out with water after each use.