Couples’ Sex Toys

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Strap On Safety
Are Strap On Sex Toys Safe?

Many beginners are intimidated by strap ons. With their complicated harnesses and lack of feedback, some people even worry that strap ons might be dangerous. As long as you use them responsibly, these unusual sex toys are completely safe to use. Find out how to use strap ons safely.

Hanging a Sex Swing
How to Hang A Sex Swing

If you can put up a shelf, then you can install a sex swing. This how to guide describes which tools you’ll need and gives step-by-step instructions about hanging your swing so you don’t tear down the ceiling! 

Ultimate Bondage Toys Guide
Ultimate Bondage & Kinky Toys Guide

You don’t need a merit badge in knots to try bondage. You just need the right kind of bondage toys. Learn everything you need to know about bondage toys, including how to find the best ones and tips about using them safely. It gives you something fun to do while learning how to tie a clove hitch. 

Ultimate Couples
Ultimate Couples' Sex Toys Guide

Couples who play together, stay together. And nothing brings you and your partner closer like sex toys made for couples to share! Learn everything you need to know about couples’ sex toys, including how to find the best ones and tips about using them. This is quality time you’ll both love!

Sex Swings
What are Sex Swings?

Sex swings used to be the mark of sexually adventurous couples. While plenty of couples still use them today for kinky fun, sex swings are also used as position aids for couples suffering from medical problems or other issues. Learn more about sex swings, including how they can improve your sex life. 

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