Known for their ability to strengthen men’s orgasms, prostate toys can be a guy’s best friend. Unfortunately, most men are too scared to actually try them! Learn more about why guys are afraid to try prostate toys and how they can boost your sexual pleasure. 

Prostate Sex Toys

What are Prostate Toys?

Most guys would jump at the chance to have stronger orgasms… until they learn it means sticking something up their butt.

If you’re still brave enough to keep reading, then welcome to the incredibly satisfying world of prostate stimulation. Many men report that prostate stimulation gives them stronger and longer-lasting orgasms. Men with sensitive enough prostates can even orgasm without touching their penis or achieving an erection.

The prostate is basically the male equivalent of a woman’s G-Spot. And like the G-Spot, it’s not that easy to find – especially since you have to enter through the backdoor!

Fortunately, you can simplify the job with a variety of prostate toys. These men’s sex toys combine elements of the safety features found in anal toys with the curved tip used in G-Spot toys to create a pleasure powerhouse. The curved tip is specially angled to make it easier for you to find and to stimulate your prostate. Meanwhile, the flared base ensures you don’t accidentally insert your prostate toy too far during the heat of the moment.

If you’re new to anal penetration, look for a beginner-friendly prostate toy with a tapered tip and a smooth shaft. The smaller, the better too. You can graduate to something bigger later on after you’ve gained some anal experience. The most effective prostate toys offer vibration as well for extra stimulation. That way you can insert them, turn the vibrator on and then leave the prostate toy in place while having sex for the strongest possible orgasm.

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