If you’re curious about anal sex or just anal stimulation, then anal toys are an easy way to dip your toe in the water. Read all about the different types of anal toys to see which ones spike your curiosity and interest. 

Anal Sex Toys

What are Anal Toys?

Anal has turned from a social taboo into something that more people than ever are willing to try. It can be incredibly fun for both parties, provided you take the time needed to do it the right way… namely anal toys.

Anal toys serve several purposes. They’re a quick and easy way to experiment with anal stimulation without all the hard work involved in preparing for anal sex. Anal toys can make the experience more enjoyable for both you and your partner. It’s generally easier to get your partner to try an anal toy. If they really like their anal toy, then it will be that much easier to get them to make the leap to anal sex. Most importantly, anal toys are an absolute necessity to prepare for anal sex. Beginner-friendly anal toys help your body adjust to anal penetration. As you build up your backdoor experience, you’ll be able to take bigger and bigger anal toys until you’re finally ready for anal sex.

Anal toys generally come in darker colors and are generally made from materials like silicone or glass. These anal-friendly materials generally feature superior hygienic properties that make them easy to clean and care for, which means they’re ideal for anal use. Anal toys contain certain distinguishing safety features – such as an extra-large or flared base as well as a retrieval cord – to make them easier to remove.

If you’ve never tried anal toys before, it’s natural to be a little confused about exactly what those funny-shaped things are and how to use them. There are four basic types of sex toys made specifically for anal, excluding specialized kits as well as anal dildos or anal vibrators.

Butt Plugs

The most common type of anal toys, butt plugs are shaped somewhat like a spade. These sex toys feature a tapered tip that expands to form a wide shaft before tapering back down again. The base then flares out again for your safety. The small tip makes penetration easy, while the larger body helps fill you up again. The narrow neck linked to the base is designed for your sphincter ring, allowing you to hold the butt plug in place easily and comfortably.

Anal Beads

These sex toys are a string of beads designed specifically for anal penetration. The beads “pop” in and out of your body – stimulating the highly sensitive nerves surrounding your sphincter ring for increased pleasure. Most anal beads are graduated, which means they start out small at the tip and gradually grow larger and larger toward the base. This makes anal beads great for people trying to build up their anal experience. Beginners can start off with just a few beads and then take more and more beads as they build up their anal comfort levels. 

Prostate Toys

Since the prostate is often nicknamed the male G-Spot, it’s only fitting that prostate toys look virtually identical to G-Spot toys. Like their female counterparts, prostate toys feature a specially curved tip designed to make it easier to find and stimulate your prostate. Regular prostate stimulation can help cut your risk for cancer as well as cause longer-lasting and stronger orgasms.


While not primarily used for stimulation, douches are designed to help clean out your backdoor – making them an important element in your anal toy arsenal. Most douches work by squirting water inside your body and then “sucking” the water back out until you’re clean. There are a few douches, however, designed to connect to your shower that you can easily use for anal stimulation once you’re squeaky clean. 

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