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How to Clean Sex Toys
How to Clean Sex Toys

It takes more than an occasional rinsing to clean sex toys. Different types of materials require different cleaning methods. And you could easily ruin your favorite sex toy if you use the wrong method. Learn how to clean your sex toys properly, and they’ll take even better care of you!

Penis Sleeves and Extensions
What are Penis Extensions and Sleeves?

If you’re worried about measuring up in the bedroom, you can always give yourself a boost with a penis sleeve or extension. Find out how these sex toys for men work and how you can use penis sleeves and extensions to improve your sex life.

Sex Toys
What are Sex Toys?

Don’t settle for good sex when you could be having great sex! Sex toys help take your pleasure to the next level, expand your sexual horizons and might even save your relationship. Learn more about what sex toys can do for you and why there’s nothing wrong with trying them. 

Vaginal Pump
What are Clit and Vaginal Pumps?

Pumps aren’t just for guys anymore! Clit and vaginal pumps finally give women the same boost in size and pleasure that men have enjoyed for decades. Learn all about how these pumps for women work and how they can enhance your sensitivity.

Male Masturbator and Stroker
What are Masturbators?

With their soft texture and snug fit, masturbators feel better than your hand ever could. Masturbators can provide all types of stimulation – from blowjob-like sucking to the super-tight squeeze of anal sex. Learn more about the different types of masturbators and how they can put a smile on your face!

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