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How to Buy Right Double Dildo
How to Buy the Right Double Dildo

Double dildos can double your thrills whether you use them with a partner or not. But not all of these unique sex toys are made the same. How you use your double-ended dildo can make a big difference in what you need to look for. Learn some insider tips and tricks about buying the right double dildo for your needs.

How Does a Strapless Strap On Work?
How Do Strapless Strap Ons Work?

Most strap-on dildos require an awkward and complicated harness with a ton of straps and buckles in weird places. Strapless strap ons, however, do away with the harness completely so you can focus on having fun instead of worrying about your harness coming loose. Learn more about these unique sex toys and how strapless strap ons work.

Realistic Dildos Pros and Cons
The Pros & Cons of Realistic Dildos

Buying a realistic dildo can be a difficult choice. Before spending your hard-earned money, check out some of the pros and cons of realistic dildos so you can make an informed decision.

Ultimate Dildo Guide
Ultimate Dildo Guide

Whether you like 'em long and skinny, short and thick or somewhere in between, there's a dildo out there with your name on it! Check out this fun and helpful guide to learn everything you need to know about dildos, including how to find the best ones and tips for using them.

Penis Pump FAQ

You’ve got questions about penis pumps, and we’ve got the answers! Check out these most popular pumping questions – covering everything from how they work to recommendations – to find what you need to know about these sex toys for men.

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