The prostate can be a little tricky to find, especially if you don’t know your way around. Luckily for you, Adam and Eve has developed an easy-to-follow treasure map pointing straight to the prostate. There’s no chest full of gold at the end, but the longer-lasting and more intense orgasms definitely make your hard work worthwhile.

How to Find the Prostate

The prostate paves the way for stronger and more intense orgasms for men. So why aren’t more men jumping on this train to pleasure town? There are two reasons men shy away from prostate stimulation. First, the prostate can be a little tricky to find if you don’t have good directions. You can solve that one easily enough just by reading this article.

How to Find the Prostate

The second problem, though, is the real deal-breaker for most guys. The best way to reach the prostate is through the backdoor, which scares off most guys from even trying to find it. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way around this problem. You’ll just have to tough it out. Just keep telling yourself that the longer-lasting and more intense orgasms that come from prostate stimulation make it all worthwhile in the end. Once you’ve experienced a prostate orgasm, there’s just no going back to regular sex. And that’s why the prostate is nick-named the male G-Spot!

If you’re still brave enough to try it, here’s how to find the prostate quickly and easily:


Clean Up.
Use the bathroom even if you don’t have to go and make sure to wipe thoroughly afterwards. Wash in and around your backdoor with soap and warm water until you’re feeling squeaky clean.


Warm Up.
Make sure you’re turned on – either by watching your favorite adult movie or by engaging in foreplay or oral sex with your partner. Arousal makes it much easier to find your prostate. Once you’re ready to go, get in a comfortable and relaxed position that allows you to easily access your backdoor.


Lube Up.
Apply a generous amount of anal sex lube to your backdoor and your finger or your partner’s finger. When it comes to anal play, there’s no such thing as too much lube! Rub the lube around your backdoor to make sure you’re fully coated – the last thing you need is a dry patch make finding the prostate even harder.


Man Up.
While rubbing the lube around, start pressing gently around the backdoor while working your way steadily inward. This relaxes your anal sphincter, which makes it much easier to find the prostate. Once you’re ready, take a deep breath and slowly insert your finger. If it doesn’t feel good or you become uncomfortable, there’s nothing wrong with stopping. Your prostate can wait until you’re ready to go all the way.

The prostate’s located about two inches inside your backdoor. Once your finger’s deep enough, curl it slightly upward with the fingertip pointing toward your belly like you’re making a “come over here” gesture. Then start gently exploring. The prostate feels like a walnut-shaped bump toward the belly. You’ll know you’ve found the prostate when your body starts tingling.

Gently stroke your fingertip up, down and all over the prostate while trying to find what form of prostate stimulation works best for you. Some men can orgasm from prostate stimulation alone, but most guys typically combine prostate and penile stimulation for the best possible orgasm.

Congratulations on being one of the few men brave enough to find the prostate.