Whew, it’s getting hot out there! Here are our favorite ways that you can bring the heat into (and out of) your bedroom this summer.

Top 5 Ways to Have Hot Summer Sex

Summer and warm weather are finally here, so bid goodbye to the cold and break out your hottest, wildest fantasies. Here are our 5 favorite ways to have hot summer sex:

#5 Get Naked
It’s not cold out anymore, so feel free to soak up the sunshine in your birthday suit or not much else. Try ditching your usual nightshirt or nightgown in favor of sleeping naked. Or slip into something silky and skimpy that’s barely there. Dare to let that bathing suit show off your body. If you get the chance, try skinny dipping or nude sunbathing.

#4 Change Up Your Moves
Most of us tend to get into a certain erotic groove, especially in a long term relationship. But there’s no reason you have to stay there! Break out of your rut and introduce a new position. Position furniture like the Liberator Wedge or the Inflatable Position Pillow can make those tough but satisfying angles feel amazing.

Top 5 Ways to Have Hot Summer Sex

#3 Take a Romantic Getaway
Pack some sexy panties or a thong, grab your favorite toys, toss them in a suitcase and go! Of course the beach or lakefront are where most people head for the summer, but cooler mountain climes and trendy downtown areas make for a great last-minute getaway. Book a hotel room and bring in snacks or order room service so you can test the mattress springs and the shower’s water pressure with round after round of hot summer lovin’.

#2 Stay Cool
Getting sweaty after sex is just part of the deal, but summer-proofing your bedroom can keep you both from overheating. First replace winter’s heavier sheets, blankets, and quilts with light and quick-drying fabrics like cotton. A well-placed ceiling or standing fan can keep air circulating for maximum coolness. Window shades help block sunlight. While having sex, stay on top of the covers and choose positions that have less skin-to-skin contact. Oral play and mutual masturbation are also ways to be intimate together without requiring as much vigorous physical activity.

#1 Push Your Boundaries
Summer is the perfect season to throw away those inhibitions – or at least stretch them a little. Why not add spice to your night by trying out a pair of bondage cuffs or a kinky blindfold? Flavored lubes make every intimate lick that much sweeter (no matter what or where you’re licking). Or try an anal training kit and expand your backdoor horizons. You could also treat yourself to a luxurious solo pleasure cruise with a silicone rabbit vibe like the Ravishing Rabbit or a high-end stroker like the Fleshlight. Adventure seekers can even pick up a couples sex machine – just make sure you’re stocked up on lube.

No matter how you spend your summer, remember that Adam & Eve is always there to help you satisfy your hottest desires.