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String of Pearls Teddy


String of Pearls Teddy

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Flaunt Your Bits Down Below With A Skimpy Pearl Thong!

You got a diamond from your fiancée, now it’s time to reward them with a string of pearls! This naughty teddy features a revealing thong made from two strings of pearls that leaves nothing to the imagination. Coupled with the plunging neckline, and you’ve got a super seductive way to spend your honeymoon & other romantic moments. Made from polyamide & elastane. Imported.

Key Features
  • Plunging neckline bares your cleavage
  • Super-revealing pearl thong
  • Designed for honeymoons & romance
  • Made from polyamide & elastane
  • Imported

The ultimate honeymoon treat!

Your wedding dress might be modest and demure, but your lingerie later can be revealing & risqué! And this skimpy teddy is downright scandalous!

The front features a plunging neckline that goes extra low to show off your cleavage… and give your new spouse plenty to look at too! The soft floral lace sensually caresses your sensitive nipples to keep them nice and perky. When you’re ready for your lover’s soft mouth and eager tongue, simply push the lace aside and let them go wild!

The bottom half hugs your waist with a skirt-like frill. It’s like wearing a mini (emphasis on mini) wedding dress! The frill flips down over your upper hips and cheeks – accenting them without actually covering up anything important.

That responsibility belongs to the double strands of pearls. The pearls act like a shimmering thong that fits neatly between your lips and cheeks. The pearl thong theoretically covers the bare essentials, but in reality it shows everything (and we do mean everything) you’ve got!

Just like a thong, you can push the pearls aside for your official first time with your new spouse while leaving the rest of the teddy on. The firm pearls even provide extra stimulation as they massage and grind your bits as well as your partner’s during sex!

The Teddy with Pearl Crotch halters behind the neck. It’s made from polyamide & elastane. Wash it in cool, soapy water after wearing. Lay it flat on a clean cloth to dry.

Brand Escante
Colors White
Material Nylon, Spandex
Size One Size
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String of Pearls Teddy