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Discreet Shower Enema Set


Discreet Shower Enema Set

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Ultra-Discreet Shower Head Hides An Easy-Cleaning Enema Nozzle!

Finally, no connecting and disconnecting nozzles and hoses before you can indulge in an intimate cleaning session. The Discreet Shower Enema’s premium soft and flexible silicone nozzle fits right inside an included 5-function shower head. When you’re ready for a cleaning session, it unscrews and slips right out. A sliding regulator adjusts the water pressure from gentle to maximum. The whole shebang installs quickly and easily like most shower heads – and once it’s installed, nobody will know about your shower head’s hidden secret except you! 8.6 inches long deluxe shower head; 5 by 0.7 inches silicone enema nozzle, 4 inches insertable; 57 inches long metal hose. Made from silicone, ABS, metal.

Key Features
  • Shower head with hidden enema set
  • Includes everything you need, no tools necessary
  • Deluxe shower head with 5 function operation
  • 5-hole soft and flexible beaded silicone enema nozzle
  • Discreet nozzle screws into base of shower head
  • Sliding regular adjusts water pressure instantly
  • Includes flexible metal hose and shower head holder
  • Fits any standard shower head fitting; installs fast
  • Compatible with water-based lubes only
  • Your purchase protected by The Adam & Eve Guarantee

Here’s the easiest way to get squeaky clean – and to do it discreetly! If you enjoy regular intimate cleansing, you’ll save tons of time and money using the Discreet Shower Enema Set. And you’ll get a snazzy new shower head to go with it!

Soft Silicone Nozzle Hides Right Inside The Shower Head

Want to stop fiddling with disposable kits and shower enemas that need minutes of setup and takedown every time you use them? Here’s the shower enema set for you! This set’s silicone nozzle hides right inside a deluxe 5-function shower head. It just screws easily onto the metal hose and right into the bottom of the shower head. When you’re ready to use the nozzle, just unscrew it from the shower head. It takes just a flick of the wrist! Hide it by screwing the nozzle back in. Nobody but you will know it’s there – it’s totally undetectable!

Feels Great, Gives You The Perfect Amount Of Pleasure + Cleanliness

You’ll love how soft and flexible the included silicone enema nozzle feels. 5 holes, one at the top and four along the sides of the tip, give you great coverage. Delight your derriere with the perfect amount of amazing spray thanks to an easy sliding water pressure regulator. The slim and beaded design gives you plenty of pleasure as it slides in and out again without testing your limits. Since some silicone lubricants can react with silicone toys, use only with water-based lubes.

So Easy To Install – Sets Up In Minutes

All you need is the set and the side of the box to easily install this Discreet Shower Enema Set. Just unscrew your old shower head and screw on the shower head holder in its place. Screw in the hose, screw in the regulator, put in the gasket, and screw in the nozzle. Finally insert the nozzle into the shower head and screw it in. You’re all set! A handy picture guide is printed right on the side of the box, so keep it around until you’re ready to install.

Batteries No batteries required
Brand XR Brands
Colors Silver
Features Waterproof, Adjustable, Attachments
Insertable Length 4 inches
Length 5.0 inches
Material Silicone, Metal, ABS (plastic)
Width 0.7 inches
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The Adam & Eve Guarantee

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Discreet Shower Enema Set
Discreet Shower Enema Set