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Tickle Me Baby Mini Bullet

Tickle Me Baby Mini Bullet

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161 reviews

Mini-Size Bullet Vibrator with Mega-Power!

This tiny tingler will have you purring with pleasure! The Tickle Me Baby Mini Bullet is a mini bullet vibrator with multiple speeds, easy controls, and a design that can be used anywhere you desire! This vibrator is perfect for solo passions or used as an upgrade to accessories like mini bullet sleeves and vibrating penis rings, this little wonder will be the star of any user’s sex toy collection.

• Velvet Textured Plastic Material
• Powerful Four Speed Control
• Vibrator Controller has LED Light Indicators For Nighttime Play
• Waterproof Vibrator For Wet And Wild Fun
• Vibrator Uses 2 AA Batteries (sold separately)
• Ideal for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Sex Toy Users

The vibrator is made of a firm plastic that quivers with every vibration, the velvety sea foam colored surface of the bullet feels sexy as it glides against your erogenous zones. Combined with your favorite water based or silicone lubricants, the mini vibrator becomes even more sensually slick for indulgent sensations. The strong vibrating motor inside the rounded tip can be pressed to nipples or clitoris for satisfying and orgasmic results alone or with a partner.

The vibrator’s hand held control pack features four speed settings that increase or decrease with each tap of the silver arrow buttons. Red light indicators beside the arrows show the current vibrator speed for easy navigation, even when playing in the dark. A long power cord makes it easy to enjoy the powerful vibrations in any position, or passing off the control to a lover. The controller has an easy twist off bottom making it super simple to replace or remove batteries. The special seal on the vibrator cap keeps out water for exciting play in the bathtub, shower, or pool for wet thrills!

As with all waterproof sex toys, be sure the battery pack cap is securely tightened before submerging in water. Keep the Tickle Me Baby Mini Bullet Vibrator clean after each use with mild soap and water and dry with a soft cloth before storing. To preserve power, remove batteries from the vibrator control pack when the vibrator is not in use.


2 AA batteries (sold separately)
Golden Triangle
Waterproof, Battery Operated, Vibrating, Multiple Speeds
1.5 inches
Power Source:
Uses Batteries
0.75 inches
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not worth it Submitted 1/17/2010
this bullet worked good when it worked. from the first day i bought it i had problems with it stayin on. I had to stop and take the battery cover off to get it going again numerous times. Its also coming apart at the bullet itself. I have only had this product for 3 months. Definetly not long term.
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Very Disappointed Submitted 11/17/2014
I have purchased several of these over the past years. Vibration is good. When I first started using this vibe it would usually last 10-12 months before the wiring would break. However, they must be making them cheaper now because the last two I purchased only lasted about a month. I tried again because I thought maybe it was just a fluke but I will not buy this product again. It is a shame because I really do enjoy the intensity of the vibe. I wish someone would make one where the wires would not break so easily.
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Loved it while it lasted Submitted 9/27/2010
I absolutely loved this little toy. The bullet was not bulky but delivered a great vibration and could be very strong. However, it stopped working due to the wiring after about 6 months.
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Kissed than MARRIED a Girl ~ 2 Women in love
Tiny, SOMETIMES size really doesn't matter :) Submitted 10/30/2010
OMG when you get this going full speed ahead its INTENSE! My fingers were numb after holding during a rather long teasing session. She had to ask for breaks a few times. Her entire body was covered in goosebumps and lost couny times it made her squ*rt. Puppy pads (can even find at grocery store these days) save a lot of laundry or sleeping on cold, very not dry, sheets. While I enjoy it used on me, both wife and I agree its a better ride when not flying solo.
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Not a long term product Submitted 11/3/2009
My wife loved this product.. However, after a year the cord broke at the control base then again at the vibrator base. Needless to say it was trashed. I tried to fix it as she loved what it did, no luck. We would not buy another one..
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big surprise in a little package Submitted 2/26/2009
who would have thought that such a little toy could be so powerful...and I mean powerful my husband loves to use it on me because it gives me some of the best orgasms and I have been known to squirt..
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better than most Submitted 3/23/2009
This product is one of the most durable I have purchased, most short out where the power cord attaches, this one does not. It is easy to control , the top speed could be a little stronger. Overal a GREAT product
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Not Recommended Submitted 6/30/2009
Purchased this and was so disappointed I actually returned it! No power to it.
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Very fun car ride! Submitted 12/25/2009
My wife and I took a romantic getaway last week. I purchased the Vibrating Tiger Panty and Tickle Me Baby Mini Bullet that we used in combination for the car ride to our destination. She popped the Mini Bullet in the little pocket and gave me the control (I was driving). That was a very fun car ride, especially for her! Both are excellent products, and make a great combination.
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- rysie
eehhh Submitted 4/5/2011
it was GREAT while it worked, and then after only a months use the wire shorted somewhere and now it wont work and there is nothing to be done about it. definitely not worth buying when you only get a months use out of it.
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