Milk Me Silly Mega Masturbator

Milk Me Silly Mega Masturbator

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Product Description

20-Pound Bubble Butt Twerks, Shakes & Gyrates For Mind-Blowing O’s!

Features 3 Powerful Motors With 100+ Stimulation Combinations!

“This booty shakes more than a stripper for the best lap dances I’ve ever had!” -Luke, Adam & Eve sex toy tester

Plunge into this life-sized bubble butt and let its powerful stimulation milk you dry!

  • Pick from the lifelike vaginal & anal openings – or switch between them
  • Starts out super tight & adjusts to your shaft for a personalized fit
  • Dual gyrating motors with massaging beads deliver thrilling stimulation
  • Vibrating motor presses against your shaft for focused pleasure
  • Play with 5 gyration & 5 vibration modes, all with multiple intensity levels
  • Looks & feels extremely realistic for the most natural experience possible
  • Works in multiple positions to fulfill all your fantasies
  • Insertable tunnel measures 5.2 inches long & stretches up to 3 inches wide
  • Measures 12.2 inches long by 11.8 inches wide by 7.1 inches high & weighs 20.7 pounds overall
  • Made primarily from ultra-realistic Fanta Flesh, a TPE-based material, with some silicone & ABS plastic
  • Electric-powered masturbator never needs batteries or recharging
  • Includes AC/DC adapter, power cord, and 3 international travel plugs for use worldwide

With 3 powerful gyrating and vibrating motors, this 20-pound bubble butt massages your shaft from multiple angles while shaking and twerking just like the real deal! Don’t believe us? Just click on the video above to watch it for yourself. Or you could save some time and just add it to your cart already!

Gyrating Motors Shake This Rear Hard & Fast… Just The Way You Like It

The Milk Me Silly Mega Masturbator comes with 2 gyrating motors, one located in each cheek. Each motor features multiple rows of massaging beads that rub you like tiny fingers for unbelievable sensations. They’re powerful enough to shake this 20-pound booty, so you can only imagine how good they feel on your shaft!

The gyrating motors feature 5 distinct patterns that twist and twirl in multiple directions with synchronized rhythms for nonstop pleasure. Each pattern features 5 distinct intensity levels, creating 25 gyration combinations.

Powerful Vibrator Enhances Your Thrills Even More

The gyrating motors are carefully positioned to press your shaft against a third motor… only this one vibrates. You can feel the intense vibrations moving up and down your shaft with every stroke for even stronger O’s!

The vibrating motor also features 5 patterns, each with 5 different intensity levels, for 25 possible vibration modes. Since the vibration & gyration settings are controlled separately, that gives you an incredible 125 stimulation combinations. Even if you try a few each day, it will take months to go through them all!

Adjusts To Your Shaft For A Customized Fit

With its lifelike vaginal and anal entries, the mega masturbator is up for anything! The soft and smooth vagina practically kisses your shaft as you slide inside, while the snug backdoor feels just right.

The two entries merge into a single open-ended love tunnel so all the powerful motors can focus on pleasing you. The tunnel starts out extremely tight and narrow, so make sure you use plenty of lube! It stretches easily, however, allowing you to “break in” the sex machine. As you use it, the tunnel becomes more and more elastic to better fit your shaft. This gives the mega masturbator a customized feel that’s sure to please!

One Of The Most Realistic Masturbators We’ve Ever Sold

While the powerful motors help bring the Milk Me Silly Mega Masturbator to life, its other realistic features seal the deal. The sex machine is made with Fanta Flesh, which looks, feels and acts like real skin. The vaginal and anal openings are painstakingly detailed, complete with lips and “puckering.” Fanta Flesh also feels incredibly soft, so you can squeeze or spank it just like the real deal – complete with a “smacking” sound and jiggling! And the masturbator naturally warms up with use, making it feel even more lifelike!

The mega masturbator is specially shaped so you can use it in multiple positions. Lay the masturbator on its back or side as you thrust away. You can bend it over as you tap it from behind. Or you could sit the bubble butt on your lap for an intense ride! With its hefty weight and heavy-duty design, the masturbator stays in position for fast-paced and hands-free fun… no matter how wild things get!

Using & Caring For Your Milk Me Silly Mega Masturbator

Plug the masturbator into a nearby outlet or extension cord. Apply a water-based or silicone-based lube to yourself and the masturbator, making sure to work some inside the love tunnels for smooth and comfortable penetration. Press the power button to turn the sex machine on. Then press the V Button to turn on the vibrations and the R button to turn on the gyrating functions. Continue pressing the V and R buttons to cycle through the stimulation patterns. You can also use the plus and minus buttons to adjust the intensity levels. The user-friendly controller allows you to easily change stimulation settings while you’re thrusting away.

You can turn off the vibration or gyrating functions by holding down the V or R buttons for 2 seconds. Turn off the masturbator by pressing the power button when you’re done. Unplug it and flush warm, soapy water through the vaginal and anal entries to clean it. Pat the sex machine dry with a clean, lint-free cloth and store it in a cool, dry place.

Read the included instructions carefully for additional details about using and cleaning the Milk Me Silly Mega Masturbator.

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No batteries required
PDX Elite
Stretchy, Multiple Vibration Modes, Realistic, Textured, Vibrating, Multiple Speeds, Remote Control, Multiple Motors
Insertable Length
5.2 inches
12.25 inches
Silicone, TPE, ABS (plastic)
Power Source
12 inches
5 stars of 5 rating
Great Product
"It's fun to watch that butt bounce or let twerk on your face and manhood. ... It feels different in each sex position you try, which is a huge step up from hand held masturbators."
Customer Rating
4.3 stars of 5 rating
(4 Reviews)
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5 stars of 5 rating
The Kinky Farmer
Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
5 stars of 5 rating
Great Product 4/11/2021
On a budget and can't afford a whole doll? I am thoroughly impressed with the craftmanship of this product. It feels so real with the exception of being cold to touch and a bit firm. I wish for the price they would've added a warming device to it to mimic actual body temperature inside and out. It's a bit heavy adding to the realism, but remains maneuverable. It's so realistic it even has dimples on lower back and a belly button. The orifices are nicely textured and feels real. The Vagina and Anus are as realistic in visual detail and texture. It's fun to watch that butt bounce or let twerk on your face and manhood. It's pretty tight at first which can make it difficult to insert your c-ck, but with multiple uses it's beginning to losen up. It feels different in each sex position you try, which is a huge step up from hand held masturbators. The rotating(gyrating) rods seem to act as a bony structure providing the real feel of a pelvis, and feel amazing gyrating on the head of your c-ck. The vibrations are nice, but I'm more pleased with the gyrating. Delivery was concerning due to it was placed into a massive box which was not securely taped closed, and the UPS driver sure had a big smile on his face lol. Next time wrap it in brown wrapping paper a couple times and tape it real good. It had no care instructions, other than on the box I think. I figured there would be a detailed care and use instruction manual. It is a little difficult to clean without proper equipment, and for the price I felt like it could've come with detailed instruction manual, a cleaning tool, sample lube, and a warming probe. I hope it last for a long time. I believe anyone who buys this product will be completely satisfied.
Yes, I recommend this product. Yes,  I recommend this product.
Was this review helpful?
4 stars of 5 rating
Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
4 stars of 5 rating
Expensive but great Product 12/14/2021
Usually I would never spend $1200(including tax) on a toy at most I would spend is $300 however my job gave everyone a $1500 bonus this year for working thru covid and I decided to treat myself. So first things first, after you purchase this they send you an email stating if your sure you want to buy it and that its not eligible for returns, refunds, and does not have any warranty incase its broken. they say they thoroughly inspect it before shipping it out. so you get this as is and no way to return it. once you agree they send it. This toy is Heavy and awkward to handle when not using it. while in use the weight works very well in keeping it in place. It feels like im actually doing someone instead of a toy with the weight. Like previously stated the ahole did tear a bit and upon further inspection the other hole did as well a bit, which is what was stated in the description that it would adjust to your size. but that does not take away from the experience. I have also noticed the other day that theirs a slight skin peeling on the stomach very small and hardly noticeable. Im a bit disappointed that the gyros for the ahole arnt strong enough for you to feel them, it was like a gentle push that was barely noticeable but nice none the less, the Vibrator on the other hand is Strong and feels amazing even in the ahole, however putting both to use at the same time is even better. Now my biggest issue with this product is the clean up. the weight and awkwardness comes into play here. you cant put the electrical wire part in water so you cant submerge this and you have to be hold it or it will slide around. imo the best way to clean this is with a sink sprayer so you can shove it in the hole and rinse it thoroughly otherwise you will be stuck doing what I do and shoving it on the faucet and spraying water everywhere since its hard to hold it in place. any other method I found is inefficient in cleaning the toy. Drying takes forever, first you have to prop it up so that most of the water can drain out of the toy. that takes a day, then you need to lay it on its back so it can get proper airflow and that takes two days to dry. thou if you stick it in front of a fan it would dry much sooner. Storage is going to be awkward as well since this thing takes up a good portion of space and will be very very hard to explain away if found XD. I tried to stick it in my bathroom drawer it fit snuggly however once I took it out I noticed it now had a square line across its butt. its fading over time but it will be there for a while thats for sure. Overall this is a Great Product. aside from the price and the cleanup. If you have the money to spare I would Highly recommend this toy, it replaced all of my other toys and im sure it will for you as well.
Yes, I recommend this product. Yes,  I recommend this product.
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4 stars of 5 rating
Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
4 stars of 5 rating
Solid 4/8/2021
Feels great and is fun to mess around with, but since it's as heavy as it is it's a bit awkward to clean
Yes, I recommend this product. Yes,  I recommend this product.
Was this review helpful?
4 stars of 5 rating
Abandoned Rat
Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
4 stars of 5 rating
It's pretty good but pricey 11/16/2022
Pros are it feels great to use with the multiple settings and if you're using just the vibrate mode its decently quiet if you need to be on the sneakier side, it's a decent weight though I personally find that to be nice and with the higher settings it can make you climax without you needed to do basically anything. The Cons are its quite expensive and it never really goes on sale if ever, so I'd probably go for something a little cheaper such as the Betty Stroker if you don't have the money, basically if you got a lot of savings or happen to get a bonus at work I would recommend this as it feels great it's just expensive and Id personally probably not get it again if it was anymore then 600$ but as a onetime purchase it was worth it in my opinion.
Yes, I recommend this product. Yes,  I recommend this product.
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