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Fleshlight Universal Launch


Fleshlight Universal Launch

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Turn Your Fleshlight Into An Automatic Stroking Machine!

Blast off with the balls-draining intensity of up to 250 strokes a minute! Give your favorite Fleshlight the ultimate upgrade with a mount that turns it into a turbo-charged auto-stroker! Just strap your favorite Fleshlight onto this stroking machine, grab the handles, and hang on. Press a button to choose from 4 levels of stroking speed. Push another to choose from 4 variable stroke lengths. You can enjoy whole-shaft stroking coverage, or adjust it to focus on 3 zones: your base, mid-shaft, or your tip. It’s surprisingly lightweight, too! Includes phone mount for spicy video chatting or movie watching. Please note: the Fleshlight Universal Launch does not include a Fleshlight Stroker. 15.25 by 11 inches. ABS plastic. Rechargeable & Electric: runs 60 minutes per charge or use it while plugged in.

Key Features
  • Sex machine turns your Fleshlight into an auto-stroker
  • Fits most Fleshlights! Just put yours in & tighten the strap
  • Works by sliding your Fleshlight up and down
  • Choose from 4 stroking speeds, easy to intense
  • Choose from 4 stroke lengths, focused to whole shaft
  • Or focus it on 3 zones: tip, mid-shaft, and base
  • Easy grip handles, change controls without letting go
  • Includes phone mount for easy viewing or chatting
  • Please note: a Fleshlight Stroker is NOT included
  • Rechargeable, runs up to an hour per charge
  • Also electric, you can use it while plugged in
  • Protected by the Adam & Eve Guarantee
  • Fits Fleshlight models: Go, Ice, Turbo, Stamina Training Unit, Original, Sex In A Can, Vibro, Fleshjack Boys, & Fleshlight Girls

Where do you go once you’ve taken your Fleshlight in every way, in every position, at every speed possible? You strap it into the front of the Fleshlight Universal Launch! This awesome sex machine turns your Fleshlight into a super-powered auto-stroker that pumps you at up to 250 strokes a minute. It’s like strapping a rocket pack to your favorite stroker.

Sets Up In Seconds With Your Favorite Fleshlight

The Universal Launch comes equipped with a Universal Ratcheting System, a special rubberized holster with a ratcheting strap. That strap tightens to snugly hug your Fleshlight and keep it in place. Tighten the strap just enough to secure your stroker; forcing it extra-tight isn’t necessary. To accommodate bigger Fleshlights, a second larger strap is also included.

The Fleshlight Universal Launch is compatible with Fleshlight Go, Ice, Turbo, Stamina Training Unit, Original Fleshlight, Sex In A Can, Fleshlight Vibro, Fleshjack Boys, and Fleshlight Girls models.

Turn It On & Control It Effortlessly

Once you’re strapped down, make sure to add plenty of your favorite lube to your Fleshlight. Then slide on in. You can reach all the controls while holding onto your Universal Launch’s handles, so you’ll never miss a stroke. Press and hold the power button with your right index finger until the control buttons flash. Then tap the power button again to start the stroking! Pause at any time by tapping the power button again. Press and hold the power button to turn the Launch off.

Choose From 4 Pulse-Racing Speeds & 4 Variable Stroke Lengths

Once it’s on, increase or decrease the speed by pressing forward or back with your right thumb on the speed control button. The lowest setting is a leisurely yet satisfying stroke. The highest is race-to-the-finish-line intense! Enjoy edging by taking the speed up to high and backing it off right when you get close.

To choose between 4 variable stroke lengths, press forward or back on the stroke control button using your left thumb. You can go full-shaft, most of the way, or feel the intensity of shorter strokes!

Target Your Tip, Mid-Shaft, Or Base For Bigger Thrills

When your Fleshlight Universal Launch is set to a shorter stroke length, hitting the position button with your left index finger shifts the position of the strokes to your tip, mid-shaft, or base. It’s a great way to put all that stroking sensation right where you want it for the most intense feel.

Rechargeable & Electric For Pleasure With No Waiting

On a single charge, your Fleshlight Universal Launch can deliver auto-stroking magic for up to an hour. Or you can play with the Universal Launch plugged in and feel stroketacular for as long as you like! The included power cable plugs into any standard wall outlet. This same cable also recharges your Launch. A full recharge takes about 1.5 hours.

Includes A Phone Mount For Stroke Inspiration

Set up the phone mount on the end of the Fleshlight Universal Launch for instant fantasy fuel. Play your favorite adult videos with a great view of the action. Or call a playmate and start a dirty video chat – you can even ask them which settings you should use next.

Clean Up Is A Snap

Your Fleshlight Universal Launch is not waterproof, so please avoid using it around or in water, and take care when cleaning. For best results, unstrap your Fleshlight after use and clean it as normal. Wipe down your Launch with toy cleaner and a damp cloth. Store it in a cool, dark, dry place like your nightstand until you’re ready to play again. If you prefer to use your Fleshlight Universal Launch without it being plugged in, it’s recommended you fully charge it before putting it away.

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Batteries No batteries required
Brand Fleshlight
Colors Black
Features Multiple Vibration Modes, Multiple Speeds, Rechargeable
Length 15.25 inches
Material ABS (plastic)
Power Source Electric, Rechargeable
Width 11.00 inches
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The Adam & Eve Guarantee

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Fleshlight Launch
Fleshlight Universal Launch