The Vicky Quickie Pocket Stroker

The Vicky Quickie Pocket Stroker

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192 reviews

"Take My Experienced MILF Box Whenever You Want!"
–– Vicky Vette, World's Hottest MILF

American Made!

"I've learned a lot about what a man needs to feel totally satisfied. The Vicky Quickie Pocket Stroker is molded from my actual hot box, sink your boner into 6 stretchy inches of balls-draining ecstasy! Inside I feel like a wet dream come true! I'm built to take it all, thanks to lifelike UR3 3.0® material –– close your eyes and you'll swear it's the real deal!" The Vicky Quickie Pocket stroker is open ended for easy cleaning.

• 5.5” long, 2.5” wide pocket stroker
• Stroker molded from Vicky Vette herself in life-like UR3 skin
• Textured inside for incredible ball-draining sensations
• Sil-a-gel antibacterial additive helps keep The Vicky Quickie Pocket Stroker clean and looking as good as new
• American-made in the USA!
• Compact size

Experience a MILF adult star for yourself with The Vicky Quickie Pocket Stroker! This ultra-hot stroker is molded from the mature folds of Vicky Vette herself, and you’ll see her every contour on display! Flick her nubby pink clit or caress her delicate labia lips – every detail is lovingly recreated in life-like UR3 skin, so this stroker feels just like a real MILF!

And when you thrust home into this cougar, you’ll feel the tight folds of this supple stroker squeeze around your pole! It's open ended for easy clean-up.

A specially designed ergonomic grip lets you grip and hang on to it for maximum pleasure, and chambered inner walls grip your shaft as you slide it in and out of this hot cougar stroker.

The Vicky Quickie Pocket Stroker also features a Sil-A-Gel additive that helps keep it clean and fresh. Use it with your favorite Vicky Vette XXX DVD for the total MILF experience! It makes a great gift for fans of UR3 sex toys, MILFs, cougars, Vicky Vette, quickies, and anyone looking for a travel-friendly stroker.

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Doc Johnson
Stretchy, Open-ended, Realistic, Textured, Made in America
5.5 inches
2.50 inches
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Submitted 6/19/2017
Pros: Greatest item ever I used it with my wife and omg she played with it as much as me. Fingering it lubricanting it and licking it. Highly recommend it.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Love it so much Submitted 1/5/2018
Like it so would love a black one next time
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It felt great but... Submitted 6/30/2013
So, I bought a Vicky Quickie a couple months ago and was amazed at how it felt. Yes it does give the feeling of being inside a woman, however one minor detail was of concern. The orifice was made in such a way that about 2 inches in, it runs dangerously close to the edge. I figured this was a design idea for "stretching" purposes on entry, however within a few weeks, I found a small hole from usage. And within a month, it looked like she had just given birth and tore from her "taint" to about 2 inches in. This is quite unfortunate as I really did love how it felt. Just thought I would inform you, this masturbator does have a design flaw!
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It's okay, I've had better. Submitted 7/5/2011
Tight and very realistic looking. Not long enough and its kind of stiff. Its soft but cyberskin is way better. It would be a great first toy. The Katie Morgan cyberskin is the best by far!
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Verified Purchase
...... Submitted 8/9/2017
Just ok
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Verified Purchase
Submitted 5/3/2017
Pros: Price is good for product. Cons: Too flimsy. Not as good as some other products.
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Verified Purchase
Submitted 5/16/2017
Reviewer left no comment
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Submitted 4/24/2017
Pros: Ribbing inside is nice, definitely beats using the hand Cons: Short
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Verified Purchase
Submitted 4/29/2017
Cons: It just did not work for me...
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Submitted 4/12/2017
Pros: None! Cons: It was a total waste of money! Very disappointed because o usually have good experiences with Adam and Eve products but this one just ruined it all! It ripped with first use, wasn't tight at all, very weird uncomfortable texture. Gave it another chance and it just blew out way more. Total waste of money. Very disappointed.
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