What's a much better activity than knitting? Helping your partner Kiki to some full cream lashings of orgasm, that's what! Kiki and Ren have a tender love for each other, their small hands glide over skin and their sexuality blossoms as they explore each other's bodies. This is Ren's first time with another girl. Ren's first time is sweetly pleasurable and smoldering sexy as Kiki's tongue dips and delves into Ren's wet little honey pot"¦ MUCH better than knitting! Carys and Fotina? Check. Short shirts with bum cheeks peeking out? Check. Steamy windows and passionate kissing? Check check!! This is Carys' first time with another girl, but it doesn't show. Her kisses excite and evoke Fotina's eagerness for sex. Fotina guides her into a session of erotic lesbian sex by pulling her panties to one side and titillating her wet, pulsating pussy then tonguing Carys so she can taste her own juices"¦ This sensual girl girl moment has two great bums, two sets of amazing boobs, moaning, fingering, oral sex and real, passionate orgasms!


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Abby Winters

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