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Rapture Condom Collection 55-pack
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Rapture Condom Collection 55-pack  
Sex! Card Game  

Rapture Condom Collection 55-pack

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Micro thin, ribbed, ultra sensitive, natural feeling, colored – this collection of 55 lubricated condoms has enough special features to please you and your partner for months to come. We’ve assembled 10 different styles of condoms from several companies around the world – including some of Japan’s highly rated Kimono brand and the ever-popular Durex brand. If you tried to purchase these 55 condoms separately, you’d pay well over $40.00. But now you can get all of them for one low price – and have more fun while playing it safe!

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Customer Reviews - Rapture Condom Collection 55-pack

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not pleased   

on June 20, 2010

There were no kimonos in my pack, just durex, A&E and lifestyles. 8 of them are "snugger fit" for which I have no use, none are larger size, which I could have used, and 10 of them contain benzocain to numb you. Who wants to feel LESS? Of the 55, 18 went straight in the trash, which leaves me with 36 useable condoms for $25. Forget it.
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