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Get Hooked On These Flexible, Vibrating Anal Beads!

Includes three sets of batteries for long-lasting fun!

Create your own customized vibrating sex toy to massage your prostate!

•    Super flexible shaft bends and twists to your ideal shape
•    Smaller size makes it ideal for beginner
•    Play with 3 different vibration speeds
•    Motor in tip for focused vibrations
•    Measures 0.5 inches wide and 6.75 inches long, insertable
•    Made from long-lasting and super-smooth plastic
•    Vibrator uses 4 LR44 watch batteries, 12 are included

The shaft is incredibly flexible – you can bend and twist it into any position and the dense inner core will maintain the shape no matter how much you wiggle around! You can easily adjust the shaft into the ideal shape for massaging your prostate for your own personalized sex toy!

The slim shaft and non-threatening design makes the Booty Beads 2 ideal for beginners. The super smooth shaft slips easily inside even the tightest backdoors with just a few drops of lube.

There are three different vibration speeds for you to try ranging from a gentle low to a throbbing high. Simply press the button in the base to cycle through the vibration speeds and turn the toy on and off. With the motor in the tip, you can focus vibrations on your prostate or other erogenous zone for maximum stimulation.

The anal beads measure 0.5 inches across at their widest point and 9.5 inches long, with up to 6.75 inches insertable. The sex toy is made from durable and easy to clean plastic. The vibrator uses 4 LR44 watch batteries, 12 are included to give you three complete sets.

Adam & Eve recommends the Booty Beads 2 for anal and prostate stimulation.

The vibrating anal beads are compatible with Adam & Eve’s water-based and silicone-based sex lubes. After use, the booty beads pull apart so you can thoroughly clean them with warm water and antibacterial soap. Let the booty beads dry before returning them to their normal position and storing them with the rest of your sex toys.

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Single Speed, Multiple Vibrations, Flexible


.50 inches


Male, Female


Watch-size batteries (included)

Power Source:

Uses Batteries


6.75 inches
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