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Just got my new toy, so excited can't wait to try it. Thank you –Scott W.

Thank you so much Adam and Eve! I recently purchased the Rock Solid c-ck ring package from you and results were outstanding. I’ve suffered from erectile dysfunction for many years and have not been able to show up sexually for my partners. I have a new lover and she has been willing to work with me on my disability. We tried all the c-ck rings and the medium sized one worked really well for me. She can only come when she’s on top and I have a difficult time staying hard unless I’m in control. But, c-ck ring really worked and we’ve been able to have some really amazing sex. I’m so pleased! Thank you thank you thank you! –Carlos

Review of the Hot Cock 2 I was somewhat hesitant to try any of these artificial c-cks, but after many years of not having any orgasms, I finally agreed. I tried various types and sizes, and none of them were quite right. I have finally settled on the Hot Cock 2 for a number of reasons. First the size is right. Personally, I found the huge ones to be too much, and downright painful. Secondly, it is pliable; it can be curved into a banana shape and is much softer than other dildos, more like real skin. I also like the idea that you have so many settings to choose from. I have already gotten two orgasms, and I have only used the Hot Cock 2 on a couple of occasions! I think it will take some practice to get things just right for me. Don’t give up without giving it a reasonable trial period. I think things like this Hot Cock 2 are very helpful for aging people who still want to have an active sex life. I am glad I tried it and I think you will be as well. To recharge the c-ck you need to insert round metal tip of the cable straight down into the “bullseye” marked DC on the red button. It will go fully down. Attach a plug as is used for a phone charger into the log flat end and the plug into an outlet. The red light blinks as it recharges, which takes two to three hours. A charge lasts for about one hour. The unit takes at least 15 minutes to heat up. -Lorraine

Dear Adam and Eve I want to thank you for my awesome new penis pump. It has been a lifelong dream of mine to have a 10 plus inch penis. You have helped me realize that goal, without being emotional I now can say Yes I have a 10 inch penis.your pump works great and with other supplements and techniques who knows the sky is the limit. I can’t wait to see the look on my women’s face when she sees what it looks like and even in the locker room when I’m the biggest guy there even bigger than the biggest bodybuilder but there still is a lot more work to do I’m in training like a boxer getting ready for a championship bout except with my penis. You company rules thanks again for your great products. -Frank

WOW... the Assifier is the best for the first timer. I did not think my girl would like it, OMG...She was very satisfied and I quote " it had just the right amount of pressure" Thanks Adam & Eve - Ken B.

Received my first order from you. I was very pleased with the products. They were just as described. Love the free items that are included. I look forward to doing a lot more business with you in the future. -Lisa M.

Dear Friends We are in our mid 70’s and both of us had a tragic loss of our 1st spouses after 44/48 years of marriage. We have since found each other and have been married for just 3 years. Over two years ago we saw your ad in the AARP magazine for the 2 CD set “Better Sex for a Lifetime”. As we are both open to new adventure we said “Why not” and we purchased the set. We want to thank you and all the participants for your tasteful presentations. The CD’s erased from our minds former taboos and gave us new ideas for exploration. We have since experienced great pleasure with each other. Have you ever considered making presentations suitable to give as wedding gifts to newlyweds, younger or older? Our friends are jealous of the relationship they see we have developed. We’d wish we felt comfortable in suggesting to our older friends that they should investigate your information but don’t believe we can bring it up to them without repercussions. That’s unfortunate, as we have become closer to each other through this experience. Thank you - Jer & Barb

Thank you very much and I will always do business with adam and eve. I quit buying from other places due to prices and selections. I'm already looking for items for my next order. You people are great. Thanks again. - Michael

I love all the stuff I got. It was definitely worth ordering from you guys. Thank you so much!!! - Charlotte

To whom it may concern. I would like you to know that I have always enjoyed ordering from your company. In fact my last purchase which included the Clone A Willy was great. I am deploying to Iraq shortly and the Clone A Willy was a great idea. My wife helped and it came out perfectly, especially the vibrator part. I was looking to purchase something new for myself to take with me while I am away but not sure if it will get through. I just wanted to share the Clone A Willy story with you though. Thanks again.
- Captain X

"I just want to thank you for having the greatest toy and movie selection out there and give kudos to your customer service. You guys are totally awesome and I am totally hooked!"

I have a personal testimony about just how good your products are on your site... I am an active duty member of the army stationed overseas right now and during a call back to my wife we got to discussing how much she enjoyed the most recent shipment of videos and glass dildo I had shipped to her. We continued to get into a more erotic conversation talking about our desires and what we would like to wear when we get to make love together again. While the temperature continued to rise with our words, I looked on your site at the selection of men's & women's clothing. I found some items that came up as we talked and I began to read the descriptions of the items. To my surprise, my wife was so turned on that she went and pulled the glass dildo out of its package and began to use it on herself. I continued to talk her through some things and before long she was squirting and having multiple orgasms all over! WOW!!! Thank you Adam & Eve for contin uing to help our 8 year old marriage with some spice! Keep up the good work that you all do so well.
- Garrett

I've been a customer of yours for several years. I've always been very please with your customer service, product quality, and discreet shipping. Recently I had placed an order where two movies were defective. In several years, two movies, a track record to be proud of. When I sent in my return form, I was contacted within 8 hrs and told that the replacements were on the way no charge. This is icing on the cake. Many companies excel in quality products. Many excel in customer service. It's a rare find to find a company that excels in both. Keep up the great work. You've secured a lifelong customer. Remember, it takes 10 "ata'boys" to erase 1 "Holy Shit!" I don't think your company will have much to worry about with this great response time and attentiveness. Thanks a lot. - Paul

"Just wanted to say you guys' rock! I first heard of you on the radio in one of my trips from work and got right on your website to check it out. Awesome customer service and product variety! I am recommending you guys to all my friends :)"

WOW!!!!!!!!! Your products are amazing! You will definately be hearing from my wife and I again! instant and very pleasurable orgasms!! No complaints here!! - Thomas & Wendy


"I just received all my packages and I love the content inside, I tried out a few of the things I got and they were awesome except for 1 item, but the gifts and the products specially branded from here are amazing. I must say the Adam & Eve Forbidden anal Lubricant and the Adam & Eve Lube were so satisfying I'm very glad I spent my money here. I'm now a loyal costumer and will only buy from here." -Antonio V.

liqid virgin, this stuff is the bomb! works really well and creates a very tight feeling. It makes for a tight feeling .. it allows more pleasure for both of us .. too liquidy but works great. - John & Barb, NH

"Your Blue Dolphin is the best vibrator I have ever had. i use it all the time. thank you so much."
-Betty L.  

I really like what this company has to offer, me and my wife have really enjoyed the items we have purchased here. We really like the spoof movies, would love to see more titles to choose from. Thank you very much. We look forward to new and better products!! - Glenn

I couldn't be happier with my item & can't wait to order more produts from you! XoXoX - Shannon

thanks so much for your timely response! i just wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed your products! we have been married over 20 years and thanks to your products, our sex life is better than ever! - Cheryl

Thank you so much! Your company has been wonderful and I love my new little outfit, free toy, and DVD. My boyfriend loves them too! It was perfect timing and a perfect weekend. Thank you again! - Christine

Just Thanks for the email. I am pleased with my product. Also, I am very pleased with your company. I have ordered from A&E throughout the years and have always been pleased. I am currently in school working on a degree in Business Administration and Accounting. I would love to work for your company one day. - Jason

Just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate your company & all of your products that I've ordered have been excellent. I wish I could become an adult toy tester, seriously I'd love that. Again thanks for being the best company within this industry!!!! - Carey

Thank you... I just got back from 15 months in Iraq and used MANY of your products with my wife... We honestely enjoyed ourselves AGAIN with the help of your easy to navigate website... Thanks.. - Herb

I just wanted to let you all know that I am very pleased with my products and am glad to have found this website. Keep up the great job and the great products and I will definitely be a customer for a very long time. And I know once my husband comes home from his 6 month deployment next month, he'll love the products too. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!!!! - Lacey

Your products are great and affordable! I recommend all of my friends to shop at Adam and Eve. Some of my family members even shop at this site. - Julie

"Wow. Not what I expected. I defenitely will still be a paying customer. Your web site and deals are wonderful. Nice to know some companies take the time to correct problems. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend."

I have enjoyed my purchase very much and plan on buying more products when I can. It has enhanced my sex life with my partner and when I am alone. The look, feel and weight of the Pleasure Skin Cock is very pleasing and realistic. Now to find something just a little bit bigger and longer, lol. Whoever said u can't have everything never shopped at Take Care, stay sexy and sweet. - Lory

I just wanted to say that I have ordered from you guys a few times and every time has been very pleasing. My husband is in the military so it is obvious that he is away very often and I need something to keep me satisfied while he is away. Every order that I have placed has gotten to me way before the date expected. For example, I just ordered a few things from you and it was expected to get here July 24th, I recieved it today on the 9th. I am always going to order from you and no one else. The prices are great and the quality is even better. Not to mention the gifts that I get just for placing an order. Thank you so much. - Ann