November 2020 (continued)

Forbidden Fruit Newsletter (continued)
Is oral sex better than no sex at all?
It depends whether I'm giving or receiving!
It's fun and everything, but the main course is more meaningful
With our schedule, it keeps our relationship going, but I prefer more!
What are you talking about? Oral sex is BETTER than sex!
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Guilty Pleasures Continued

De-stressing with Sex and Masturbation (continued)

By Brittany Steffen, MS, LMFT

In an era marked by technological advances, rapid fire-information consumption, and multi-tasking distraction, stress seems like it's at an all-time high. Even before 2020 was hit with a pandemic, a 2019 Gallup poll of stress rates found record breaking levels, with over half of Americans reporting experiencing stress during a large part of the day—the highest levels in the history of the survey.

In response to our changing lifestyles, the movement of "self-care" has become increasingly popular. While the concept of self-care has been around for centuries, it has only recently become a trend and social media phenomenon. Self-care practices typically posted on social media include activities like spa visits, pedicures, or exotic vacations—and really can be anything that you enjoy or find relaxing and rejuvenating. Self-care preferences are deeply personal and vary from person to person, and not all of them come with a hefty price-tag.

While sex and masturbation might not be traditionally thought of as self-care—or posted about on social media—there are mountains of scientific evidence in support of the mental and physical benefits of these activities. In addition to enhancing sex with a partner, masturbation has been shown to improve self-esteem and body-image, and a great sleep aid. For women, masturbation can alleviate menstrual cramps and reduce the risk of developing UTIs, and for men, there's evidence that regular ejaculation reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer! Short-term, masturbation and sex release a cascade of mood elevating endorphins, as well as oxytocin, which helps release stress and enhances bonding.

Sex therapists have long recommended masturbation as a form of self-exploration, particularly for individuals who are working on getting familiar with their own sexual wants and needs, and communicating those needs with a partner. Research has shown that women who masturbate using a vibrator report increased overall arousal and sexual function during partnered sex. One word of caution for men—if they use a masturbation method that involves a tight grip on the penis, they can experience decreased sensation during partnered sex. This can be resolved simply by changing their masturbation practices to better mimic the sensation of penetrative sex, by loosening their grip during solo activities.

There are no negative side-effects of masturbation—health-wise—but some people, particularly women, might experience feelings of guilt or shame as a consequence of internalized sexually negative attitudes from family, religion, or cultural beliefs. Therapy with a certified sex therapist can address these beliefs and attitudes with positive results. The vast majority of men and women in a relationship continue to masturbate either alone or together with their partner, as solo sex serves a different purpose—self-care—while partnered sex enhances the relationship and emotional bond. Doctors, scientists, and therapists all agree that masturbation is a natural and health expression of sexuality and self-care.

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Guilty Pleasures Continued

The Gang's All Here (continued)

THERE'S JUST SOMETHING about group sex with a bunch of horny guys that really turns me on. It's the exhibitionist in me; that insistent part of me that dares me to bare my titties to truck drivers or masturbate at a stop light. Also it's the need to feel totally filled up with hot, throbbing cocks, and it's that I love the power it gives me over the guys that all want a piece of me.

It all started out innocently enough. I was in college at the time. I was dating a guy named Bo. We were in his dorm room playing cards and things kinda got out of hand. I ended up on the table, with Bo's face buried in my pussy.

Suddenly, I heard other voices. Looking around, I saw that Bo's two roommates had come in. One of the roommates, Alec, unzipped his pants and pulled out a magnificent member. I watched as he stroked that fine tool, mesmerized by the sight of my writhing body. Paul, the other roomie, stepped out of his sweat pants and began jacking-off too. Bo kept on lapping my pink.

I wanted to suck on Alec's cock. I blew a kiss in his direction and licked my lips. He took the hint and moved close to my mouth. I really had to stretch wide to accommodate his huge prick but I managed to get a good portion of him down my throat. I felt Paul's cock nudge my right hand. Grabbing it, I stroked him.

It didn't take long for me to have my first orgasm of the night.

It didn't take long for me to have my first orgasm of the night. Bo gave me a last fond lick and then stood up, pushed my legs open and sank his cock into my slot. He screwed me for a few minutes before they switched positions.

Next, Bo was at my face, the taste of my pussy clinging to his hard cock. I lapped up my own juices and nuzzled his balls before taking him into my warm mouth.

Alec had moved to my right hand and I fondled his balls, marveling at their soft, furry feel before attempting to wrap my hand around his monster. It wouldn't quite reach, but I made do with stroking and teasing it.

Paul knelt between my legs, fingering me and rubbing my clit with his thumb. Satisfied by my muffled moans, he stood and hauled my legs up in the air, flat against his chest as he entered my tunnel. Paul gave it to me good, thrusting in deep and hard, making my titties bounce with each solid thrust. He leaned over me, with my ankles still intertwined around his neck, and played with my jiggling breasts.

Bo grabbed my head and held it tight to his crotch, barely pumping as his climax filled up my mouth. I licked frantically, savoring each sweet drop. As if on cue, Paul groaned and I felt him shoot deep into my vagina.

I wanted more!

I wanted more! I wanted Alec's big prick to be next and obviously, he wanted it because he moved between my legs to take his turn. Bo stayed on my left side, while Paul moved to my right. They spread my legs wide and even stretched my pussy lips out, waiting for Alec to enter me. Both of them concentrated on watching Alec's thick cock slowly sink into my depths before moving back up my body to suck on my nipples. I asked Alec to be still for a second as my muscles got used to his awesome member.

Soon, I was ready to rock. I wrapped my legs around his ass and arched up to take all of his tool. Taking the hint, Alec slid out and in, slowly at first but building up to a furious speed with my legs automatically going up on his shoulders to take him even deeper into my tunnel.

Bo and Paul alternated between sucking my titties and saying "Give it to her, Alec!"

I climaxed loud and long, with wave upon wave of hot spasming orgasm shaking my whole body. Alec came as I did, right into my soaking wet pussy.

I could never seem to get enough of them, especially Alec.

After that night, the four of us got together frequently. I could never seem to get enough of them, especially Alec. He recognized the need in me and was not only turned on by it but helped set up safe environments for me to explore my desires.

For example, he once threw a party with twenty guys and only three girls. One girl was on all fours, getting anal in the den, the other was in a bedroom, for those that wanted pussy, and I sat on the staircase, giving blow-jobs. It was incredible; all those horny guys standing in line, with their dicks in their hands, waiting for me to suck them off. Alec had the three of us switch positions hourly.

Then there were other occasions when Alec helped me uncover passions that I hadn't even known I possessed.

One night, I ended up on the coffee table with Bo. He lay back and I was riding his cock deep in my ass. Paul grinned as he knelt down and I thought that he was going to suck my titties but instead, he gently pushed me back until I was laying on top of Bo. Bo's hands snaked down to my pussy and teased my clit, as Paul spread my pussy lips wide.

When Alec knelt between my knees and nudged that huge cock against my twat, I hesitated. I told them that I'd try double penetration, but Alec was just too big. With soft insistent voices and strong clittie stimulation, I finally yielded. Okay, I told him, but go slow.

Alec took his time, inching his way into my cunt. Bo lay still and played with my button as I tried to accommodate Alec's massive member. Paul sucked on my titties and kept up a running commentary of how hot I looked with both cocks inside of me.

we stopped for a moment, pleased with our efforts.

When Alec was in all the way to the root, we stopped for a moment, pleased with our efforts. Paul moved up by my head so that I could suck his hard cock and things shifted into high gear. I felt completely full. Bo rocked up to thrust into my ass on alternate strokes from Alec, who was thrusting his huge prick in and out of my stretched but happy pussy. Bo whispered that he could feel Alec through the thin wall between my pussy and ass. I felt impaled on pure animal pleasure.

Later that night, we switched. I got on all fours and gamely took Alec up my ass as Paul lay under me, his cock buried in my box. Bo sat on a stool in front of me so that I could suck his prick and lap at his balls. I remember at one point, Bo leaned back and had me tongue his ass the way that Alec was pounding my butt.

For me it was pure heaven! I had two guys doing me as I sucked off a third. It was the ultimate experience! Or so I thought. But since those college days, the gang has come up with a few more tricks—and I can't wait for what we'll do next.

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