November 2019 (continued)

Forbidden Fruit Newsletter (continued)
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Guilty Pleasures Continued

Our Fantasy Closet (continued)

When my husband Julian and I met, we were both "excitement junkies." Each of us dated up a storm, only to end the relationship as soon as the first bloom wore off. Then we'd begin another in order to feed on the romantic high each new partner had to offer. Then we met. At 6'3," with chiseled features, a muscular body and a GQ wardrobe, Julian was Central Casting's idea of Mr. Right. The attraction between us was powerful. I was madly in love. I couldn't breathe without him.

Would we ever become boring to each other? It seemed inconceivable that such a thing could happen to us, but from our own histories, it was more than possible. Why obsess about it, why look for trouble where there was none, you might rightfully wonder.

Would we ever become boring to each other? It seemed inconceivable that such a thing could happen to us

A garage sale was the catalyst for finding an answer to how were were going to keep sex hot.

A young doctor and his wife were moving. Among the second-hand clothing they were selling was a set of surgical greens and a nurse's white, starched uniform, complete with cap. We bought both outfits.

That night, Julian came into our bedroom in the doctor's garb and handed me the nurse's uniform.

"Oh, nurse," he said, in an uncharacteristically businesslike tone, "we have a very important operation to perform. Would you suit up please?"

"Yes, doctor," I responded. "Right away."

We met in the den, which was to serve as the "operating room."

"I find you very attractive, nurse," the 'Doctor' said. He came up behind me and kissed my neck.

I shivered, lost in the fantasy we were creating. "Oh, doctor, no. We can't do this. Someone could come in. Please, no!"

But the horny healer wouldn't stop. Soon he had opened my uniform and began to passionately kiss my erect nipples. I passed my hands over his green doctor's gown, and gave myself up to the fantasy of being a hotblooded young nurse eager to share forbidden passion with the handsome young surgeon.

Julian undressed me until I stood semi-nude in a garter belt and white stockings. He took a stethoscope (we went all out!) and listened to my heartbeat. "Your heart is really pounding, nurse," he whispered. His engorged and throbbing erection pushed itself against my burning skin.

Julian undressed me until I stood semi-nude in a garter belt and white stockings.

I led my doctor-lover into the dining room and begged him to take me on the operating table.

"Oh, I can't do that, its' not sterile," he said.

"I'll help you clean up, Doctor," I said, opening his gown and kneeling in front of him. I sucked his hard member, laving it with my tongue, washing him with my lust. When I was almost feverishly horny, he pulled out of my mouth, bent me over the table, and pushed into me with long, hard strokes. I moaned.

Afterwards, it occurred to me that in the course of this sexual psychodrama we had forgotten who and where we were, lost in our new roles. I was awestruck; it seemed we actually might have found a way to preserve the excitement of our sex lives!

Later we went upstairs to hide our doctor and nurse costumes where no one could ever discover our secret. We pushed them in the back of our walk-in closet and forgot about them. Some months later, we were invited to a Halloween costume party. We thought of those costumes, but decided it might be fun to shop for something new. We found a theatrical costume boutique in the city and wandered through the racks, thrilled at the fantasy possibilities that could be created with this array of costumes and props.

There were leather outfits for motorcycle papas and biker chicks, policeman and fireman uniforms ("Oh, thank you for saving me, Mr. Fireman. How can I ever show my appreciation?") There was an English Parliamentary Lord's outfit, complete with white wig, alongside a maid's outfit. ("Here's your tea, sire. Will there be anything more?") And then there were prison uniforms ("Oh warden, please spare me and I'll do anything you want!" "You bet you will!") The choices seemed endless. We bought a few different costumes and rushed home with them. It was another unforgettable night!

One night, we had some close friends to dinner at the house. They had planned to stay with us for the weekend while the kids were sleeping out with friends. Annette and Tony, an attractive and interesting duo, had also been married a long time, and they were going through a rough time. Annette had confided that their sex life was almost nonexistent. I understood, and felt for both of them. I had a long talk with Julian about it. I asked him if it would be all right if we shared our secret with them. He said that if I thought the idea might help them, it would be okay.

After dinner, we all sat in front of the fire. Annette looked melancholy as she watched the flames. Julian and I were on the couch, holding each other. Suddenly Annette said, "You guys are so lucky. You seem as much in love as you did at your wedding fifteen years ago. What's the secret?" Tony slumped in his seat, looking miserable. I looked at my husband and then said. "Well, if you really want to know our secret… let's go upstairs."

I looked at my husband and then said. "Well, if you really want to know our secret… let's go upstairs."

We took them to our bedroom and unlocked the closet door. Then we showed them our costumes. We explained about our role playing, how we put on the costumes and became other people and had great sex. Tony was embarrassed and Annette was fascinated. She was especially taken with a long, sexy blood red gown and a matching feather boa from the "cat house" era.

"I think I was a call girl in another life," she said. She wanted to try on the costume.

Tony was shocked. "Annette," he whispered, "don't you think we should talk about this in private…?"

But Annette could not be distracted. I told her to help herself and she rushed into the bathroom with the outfit. While she was changing, I begged Tony to be open-minded. "What happens tonight will stay just between us. And you never know. You might be surprised at what a good time you'll have." He agreed to go with the flow. The three of us quickly put on some other costumes. When Annette rejoined us, I was also in a period cat house costume and the guys were dressed as turn-of-the-century businessmen out for a good time.

While she was changing, I begged Tony to be open-minded.

We went back downstairs and the den became a parlor where the men could have their pick of the "ladies of the evening." Annette decided to play the Madame of the house and welcomed the men, as she flashed her voluptuous body around, drinking and smoking and making ribald jokes. I was amazed at how uninhibited she was. Tony seemed dazed, but he was game. After a few drinks, he began to really get into the play-acting. When Annette sat on the arm of his chair, he reached over, pulled her into his lap, kissed her neck and then began to fondle her breasts through the gown's silky fabric.

Annette, or "Gloria," as she called herself, was clearly delighted with the way her husband was cooperating, and grabbed him passionately, pulled off his shirt, and rubbed her hand across his groin, which even I could see was swelling rapidly. Tony's body was amazing: I knew he worked out, but those biceps were breathtaking. The man was beautiful. I hoped they wouldn't stop—and they didn't disappoint me. She was down to her lingerie and he was in his briefs by the time they came up for air and realized Julian and I were watching their every move. Suddenly self-conscious, Tony asked me if he could take "Gloria" upstairs. I told him that it was her establishment and up to her—I was just "one of the girls." Then we all trotted upstairs and went to separate rooms.

They didn't waste any time. He must have inserted himself into her immediately, because I could hear her begging for "more, harder, deeper, oh, ahh," and the like. Their gasps and moans were such a turn-on for us that we ripped the remaining clothes off each other and got down to it, licking and sucking each other's bodies from head to toe as if our lives depended on it. I was in such a frenzy that I came repeatedly, and when I opened my eyes and looked at Julian's face, he was grimacing, trying to hold back his orgasm. We were melting into each other like molten lava.

It was a volcano of shared lust, spilling out of the room our friends were in and covering our naked bodies in burning waves. After what seemed like hours, Julian thrust into me one last time and, grunting with the force of that orgasm, fell over on his side of the bed. There was silence from the other room. I thought they were finished, but before I could stand up and walk towards them, they began to go at it again.

And guess what…so did we!

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