May 2020 (continued)

Forbidden Fruit Newsletter (continued)
Can you guess which one of these people is masturbating?
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Guilty Pleasures Continued

Two Sides: Same Story (continued)

Myra speaks:

Being the manager for a large, upscale restaurant can be very exciting. For example, last night, our maitre'd stuck his head in and scowled.

"Myra," he said as he came in. "There's a guy out here who says he hasn't got the money to pay his bill. He's kind of a regular. Name's Jack Tufts."

"Give me a couple of minutes and then send him in," I groaned. I looked at the bill then looked at Maurice in amazement. "$302.00," I asked?

"Well, there were three of them originally. I guess they left him to settle the bill."

Then he came in - it was a gorgeous guy I'd noticed around the restaurant. He was everything I usually went for; blond, green-eyed, well dressed and solidly built.

I said, "I understand there's a problem with the bill?"

"I seem to have misplaced my wallet." He said. "Well actually, I think one of my companions may have taken it as a kind of practical joke." He looked chagrined. "Look, what if I give you my watch to hold 'till I can get my wallet back? I'll bring cash first thing in the morning."

Damn, I thought. How could I let him know that I was interested in him? Then, I had an inspiration. The direct approach had always worked well for me in business, why not try it now? "Our policy is not to let a customer leave until the bill has been taken care of." I came around to the front of my desk and slid up on to it. Crossing my legs to give him a good view of what he could be touching, I said, "Let's see now, how could you pay this off? Maybe you could wash dishes. No, that would never cover it."

I re-crossed my legs. He was watching my every move. Oh yea, he was definitely interested.

He was watching my every move. Oh yea, he was definitely interested.

"Well, I guess there's just one other possibility," I said, shaking my head sadly. "You could take off your clothes."

Jack speaks:

"Scuse me?" I must have misunderstood what she had said.

"Take off your clothes," she repeated. "If you think you're worth $300.00 for an hour of sex."

When my friends had taken my wallet, we had thought that maybe I'd get to meet this beautiful ice-queen, but none of us thought that something like this would happen. I'd been coming to the restaurant for six months, hoping to meet her. When I told a couple of my friends about her, they devised a plan to get her attention. Boy, had it!

She looked nervous, and I decided to put her at ease. "Let me take your clothes off first," I said.

She raised an eyebrow. "You better lock the door, first."

She didn't have to tell me twice. I went and locked the office door, then moved towards her. I began unbuttoning her blouse as I looked into her eyes. "You want a $300.00 fuck, lady, you're gonna get a $300.00 fuck," I said as I slowly lowered my face to hers.

She smiled. I brushed her lips with mine, then kissed her hard. I lowered her onto the desk as I trailed kisses down her throat. By the time she was flat on her back, I had reached her titties. Gorgeous titties! Full, with nipples that pushed up against her bra. I undid the clasp and set them free. She moaned as I kissed and licked all around her left breast. Her hands came up to my head in an effort to push my mouth to that rosy, erect nipple.

I lowered her onto the desk as I trailed kisses down her throat.

"Oh no, not yet. I'm going to make sure you get your money's worth," I whispered as I continued to brush my lips against her soft, perfumed, smooth skin. It tasted wonderful.

Her hands tightened their grip in my hair as I moved back to her other breast. I stood up and unzipped her skirt. Myra braced her feet on the desk as I tugged it down over her hips. After I eased her panties off, she let her knees open wide. I softly kissed the inside of her thigh, then moved back up to where her mound began. Then, down to her other thigh and back up again. I was really enjoying the game. It was incredibly erotic to realize that the supposed 'ice queen' was melting under my touch.

I stiffened my tongue and sunk it into her wet pussy. God, she tasted good. She sighed and hooked her legs over my shoulders as I licked her pussy. I felt her whole body tense when I nibbled her clitoris. I reached up and began lightly massaging her nipples between my fingers as I increased the tongue action on her stiffened clit. She moaned and clamped her legs tightly against my head. I held on tight as she came, bucking against my mouth like a wild woman. The moment she stopped moving, I stood up and unzipped my pants.

"Now for the pay-off. Put my cock inside of you," I said. She reached down between her legs and took hold of my rod.

As she eased the tip into her pussy, I stopped and studied her face. She looked impatient so I rammed my whole prick into her. I remained buried in her softness until she reached for my hips and tried to pump my cock. I refused to move.

"It's worth it, isn't it," I asked. "This is your $300.00 fuck, isn't it?'

"Yes," she moaned.

"Say it," I commanded. "Tell me my prick is worth $300.00 for one fuck."

"Yes! Yes, you're worth every penny. Hell, I'm going to owe you change! Now do it hard," she begged.

"That's right," I soothed as I began stroking it to her deep and slow. She felt so good. Soft and wet and tight all around. She held on tight and matched my rhythm. I bent over her and kissed her, grinding my mouth into hers. I felt her pussy begin to spasm as she groaned against my mouth. As she climaxed, I felt my own excitement build until finally, my cock exploded its load into her snatch. I kept pumping, slower and slower, until we had both calmed down.

She cracked me up by saying, "And here I thought I already knew everything there was to know about how to deal with a customer."

I looked into her smiling face and thought that just maybe, this was the start of a great relationship. I couldn't believe my luck. Here I was, with this sexy, smart woman in my arms, and I got a free dinner to boot!

Myra speaks:

I couldn't believe my luck. I'd just had the fuck of my life from the man of my dreams. Now, how to top off the evening?

"Well Jack, are you ready," I asked, grinning wickedly?

"Ready for what, gorgeous," he grinned back as he kissed the top of my head.

I slipped my hand down to his crotch. "Ready for your change. That was definitely a $500.00 fuck, so I figure I owe you at least a couple of hundred back."

"Mmm. $200.00, huh? That may take a while. At least a couple of hours," he mused.

"So OK. Let's go to my place, it's close by. Never let it be said that Myra Jenkins doesn't pay her debts," I laughed.

"Right behind you, baby," he said.

All of the sudden, he stopped and looked deep into my eyes, "You know, it may take longer to pay off that $200.00 than you think."

I just smiled.

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