Sex can be a magical, confusing, joyful and miserable, sometimes all at once. There are few guarantees in life but I can promise that at one point or another you will struggle with some issue as it relates to sex. It’s what makes us human and it is par for the course. I look at sexual challenges as almost an endearment these days. I’ve seen hundreds of clients and written about sex for twenty years (yikes, I’m really not that old, I just started very young…really.) There is nothing that shocks me, if anything I view these challenges as an opportunity to learn about ourselves and improve our lives. Ok, ok I’m starting to sound like an Oprah episode, but we all know sex isn’t just about sex, it’s about communication, self-esteem, general health and wellbeing; it’s connected to everything in our lives. That’s why I believe we all deserve to have a stellar sex life. Not just hum drum. Not just OK, but fantastic. It may not be fantastic 100% of the time but we all have the potential to experience those pristine, delicious moments in our lives. I think those moments can help us weather the storms because we know we can always get it back to them.

That’s why I’m here, or rather why Adam and Eve brought me here. For the past forty plus years they have been supplying many of the tools to accessing a great sex life. They are committed to educating us all about self-acceptance, wellness and sexuality. That sounds good to me and it’s what I’ve done for years via my private practice, writing and media projects. Obviously you know who Adam and Eve is, this is who I am…

I’m a wife, mother and Clinical Sexologist/Marriage and Family Therapist. It makes for an interesting combo, trust me. I’m sure my extended family sometimes wonders. I’m a seemingly demure, academic, all-American girl who became fascinated by sex and relationships as a kiddo because my household was not one in which we discussed such things. I didn’t think it was fair to rely on sneaking medical journals to educate myself. Then I saw how people suffered as a result of their own lack of sex education, how they felt negatively about their bodies, their orientation etc. So, at 19 I decided this would be my life’s work. Yes, I have also looked at thousands of hours of porn, read a plethora of erotica and talked to people about the most intimate details of their lives. My work has never been boring. Anyway, here are all of the details as to why I think I know what I’m talking about.

I have a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University in Family Resources and Human Development. I have a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with a post-graduate degree in Marriage, Family and Addictions Therapy from Ottawa University and a doctorate in Human Sexuality/Clinical Sexology from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. I worked many years in the field of public health at Planned Parenthood, Tri-City Health Center, and North County Health Services. I served as board president for the HIV/AIDS and sexual health organization Malama Pono Health Services. I am a member of the Society for the Study of Sexuality and the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists. I have also been a member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. I am an associate professor at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality and an adjunct professor at Akamai University and a previous adjunct faculty member at Palomar College. I happen to also be a certified yoga teacher/therapist through the Yoga Alliance. I like to say that I’m flexible in body and mind.

You can find my writing in,,,,,, among many others.

I enjoy doing media work and have had the honor of hosting Adam and Eve’s national television infomercials – that is me hawking sex toys at 4am on your local cable channel. I am also the host of the wildly popular (yes, I can say that), free iTunes audio podcast, Sex Chat with Dr. Kat and Her Gay Boyfriend and the equally as engaging free video podcast, Daily Sex Tips from Hawaii. My enhanced iBook, Sex Tips from Hawaii has been in the top ten since launching. In addition, social media is very important to me. Face it; you’re nobody if you don’t have a bunch of “friends” and “followers”. You can find me on Facebook at DrKat Van Kirk and on Twitter at DrKatSexChat. Of course, where would I be without YouTube? My channel is 365SexTips. I’ve always got new projects in development, so if you think I should be doing something on a particular topic, let me know. I’m also happy to do appearances on radio and television, so drop me a line. Oh, and you can always get ahold of me via my website (duh, I almost forgot to mention that), at or e-mail kat< at >

On a personal basis, I’m super into my kick-ass family, live theatre, surfing, good books, working out and off-color, bawdy humor. I feel like you know me better than my own gynecologist now. Anyway, you’ll be able to find Q&A’s, articles and video content on a wide array of sex information plus I’m soon to launch a Guide to College Sex, a Sexual Health Resource Guide and a Dr. Kat’s “Seal of Approval” for web resources that serve the community right here at Adam and Eve. So stay tuned and sexually informed by checking back here often and I’d love to hear from you so e-mail me your inner most thoughts or most obvious sex and relationship question – nude pics are not required. I’m here to serve you. Trust me; I won’t think you’re a stalker.