Fetish Fantasy Dance Pole

Fetish Fantasy Dance Pole

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Shake Your Booty In Your Own Home!
Pole Installs Quickly, Easily!

Get ready to show off your sexiest dance moves in the privacy of your own home with this hot stripper pole!

• Shake your booty on stage without leaving home!
• Set it up and take it down in minutes
• Ideal for couples that love to show off for each other
• Makes for a entertaining and effective exercise routine
• Anchors securely to your ceiling for strong support
• Expands from 7’3” to 9’3” to fit any standard-sized room
• Installs quickly & easily so you can start dancing that night!

Shake your tatas, wiggle your moneymaker and make that booty bounce with your new fantasy dance pole! Designed just like a stripper pole, you can install the pole in about 10-15 minutes and start dancing immediately! And you can even take down the pole afterward to avoid any embarrassing questions.

If you’ve ever fantasized about being a stripper but you’re too shy to actually perform in front of a crowd, then you’ll love putting on sexy shows in front of that special someone in your very own home.

Adam and Eve also suggests getting an exercise video, sold elsewhere, focusing on stripper aerobics so you can also use the pole for exercising. And it makes a surefire way to get your lazy guy out of bed in the morning too!

The pole measures 7 feet 3 inches and expands up to 9 feet 3 inches so it can almost any standard sized room. (The majority of ceilings are around 8 to 9 feet tall.) The pole installs quickly and easily. If you’ve ever hung a picture or shelf, then you can install the pole. All you need to do is drill the appropriate pilot holes and screw the mounting plate securely into place. Then snap the pole together, twist it into place with the non-slip bottom pressing firmly into your floor and you’re ready to bust a move! The pole will hold up to 200 lbs when mounted in the ceiling. Outer diameter is 2"; inner diameter is 1.85".

Adam and Eve recommends the Fetish Fantasy Dance Pole for men and women that enjoy putting on a sexy show for their partners.

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fantasy dance pole Submitted 5/13/2011
I have not tried yet but am for sure planning to. however to the one customer that has rated it and left a customer rating I would just like to say that i have used professional poles and none of them rotate, try using powder on your hands so they are not sweaty and stick to the pole. Adam & Eve are very professional in their poducts.
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Not all poles spin at clubs Submitted 3/6/2012
this is a amazing product its helped me alot with work outs and work i am a exotic dancer and this is the type of pole we have at the club and alot of the clubs dont have spinning poles the girls are just that talented to make it look like it is spinning baby oil works just dont over do it or lotion helps too
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Horrible Product, Save Your Money Submitted 1/1/2018
Broke in just 2 days, the top piece to hold the pole is plastic & broke easily. Not a solid pole or stable, top of the pole kept coming out of place. Overall piece of S**T
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Submitted 2/4/2017
Pros: Free gift with purchase Cons: This pole is not a solid one piece and comes in 3 separate pieces making it not stable for pole tricks. If you wanted a pole for looks and dont plan on climbing or playing around with some tricks then maybe you could use it but i would highly discourage anyone from buying this pole. The free gift that i received with my purchase also didnt work so this was a very disappointing 1st time buy with this company. I will be sending the pole back and getting a refund.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Waste of money Submitted 11/10/2017
Waste of money. I had to return twice. Neither time was a refunded for shipping costs which totaled $40.00. Nice idea but the mount for ceiling is a cheap piece of plastic. Both times I mounted the piece broke off which made the pole unstable. My wife is only 5’5 and 135 which is way under the recommended weight.
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Rochelle Jacks 97838
does not rotate like a professional pole Submitted 5/5/2011
a professional stripper pole rotates on barrings (like a lazy suzan) in a kitchen cupboard, this pole does not rotate, so it is fun for couples to tease eachother, however you wil not spin around like you would see a stripper do in an adult night club. i am still looking for a professional pole for personal inhome entertainment.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Submitted 3/11/2017
Pros: Have not installed yet. I'm worried about how well it will hold up to weight and not be "moving". Main reason I haven't decided whether to keep or not, this was supposed to of been a new product, but when I opened it up to look, there was a smashed bug on the pole.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Age: 18-24
Gender: Female
Status: Single
Overpriced doesnt spin Submitted 5/10/2019
Its not easy to set up like it says, other reviewers said use baby oil to spin... thats not safe or how ppl do it at work or for fitness, so this is more or less a decoration/non working pole. Purchased to practice routines at home, couldnt assemble with help, will be returning, highly disappointed.
No, I would not recommend this product.
No,  I would not recommend this product.
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Fun but... Submitted 7/13/2015
Installation is not easy. We had to use a rubber mallet to get the 2 poles fitted together. Also, for added safety, we screwed the top into our trusses and tap cons in the floor. Had fun afterwards tho!!! Use lube!!!
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Awesome fun Submitted 5/22/2015
Very nice product. Proper thickness and very adjustable for cieling heights. Couple of screws for the top plate, otherwise comes down easily and stores out of sight in the closet. My girl took to it right away! Like with any pole, rub a little baby oil to make that twirl effortless. Highly recommend.
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