Adam & Eve Pheromone Massage Oil

Adam & Eve Pheromone Massage Oil

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Set The Mood For Sexy Massage!
An Adam & Eve exclusive!

Enjoy sensual massage even more with this lightly-scented massage oil enhanced with the powerful sexual allure of pheromones. Attract, arouse and feel the passion build! Adam & Eve Pheromone Massage Oil leaves skin soft, smooth and infused with a gentle scent of strawberry and citrus –– and you'll both find yourself more attracted to each other! 4 fluid ounces.

• Mineral oil based
• Infused with pheromones to attract
• A little goes a long way, use sparingly
• 4 fluid ounces
• Flip top bottle

It's been proven in the jungle –– pheromones attract – then you decide what happens next!

Just lay your lover down and drizzle some Adam & Eve Pheromone Massage Oil into the palms of your hands, the oil will warm a bit between your hands –– then apply it a little at a time for smooth, even coverage with no mess. Just pop the top of Adam & Eve Pheromone Massage Oil and you'll both will be attracted to physical contact.

Adam & Eve recommends Adam & Eve Pheromone Massage Oil for couples who want to dial down their sensual pleasures to a slower, more enjoyable pace.

Keep Adam & Eve Pheromone Massage Oil away from most sex toys.

Ingredients: Mineral Oil ((Paraffinum Liquidum), Fragrance (Parfum), Androstadienone.

Adam and Eve
Male, Female
4 Ounces
Love feel all over our body
"Creates a sexy sensuous atmosphere and feels great!"
"It definitely works as advertised. I get horny, just putting it on."
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Great quality! Submitted 10/22/2008
This massage oil is great, even my wife was impressed and she used to be a massage therapist. The only oil that comes close is coconut oil, and that doesn't smell nearly as pleasing as this oil.
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Great Product!! Submitted 11/30/2009
My girl and I love this massage oil. The smell alone turns us both on and the oil leaves no sticky mess. Great massage oil! Definitely buying again...and again.
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mazing Submitted 7/16/2011
all i gotta say is... WOW. it works great... it turns me on and feels very nice for back rubs and fullbody massages.. guys treat your women to a special treat. i reccomend this
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Great for massage but not impressed with scent Submitted 11/9/2017
I bought the oil due to wanting to try something new. I do like the bottle since it squirts out rather than pouring some onto my hands or his back. The scent is of Strawberries which I like strawberries but this smells almost like the strawberry car fresheners you hang in your car almost. So could just be me smelling it that way but otherwise yes works great for massages. I don’t know if I would buy it again maybe if the scent were different like a refreshing light scent or a lighter sweet scent
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
I think I would buy this again Submitted 12/27/2017
This product is amazing. The oil is so smooth without leaving you greasy like most body oils. You can use this for more than massage oil. You can use this for everyday body oil after you exfoliate and it feel so good and leaves you so soft and smelling delectable.
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WOW!! Submitted 4/15/2010
All I can say is..Oh my!! This stuff is wonderful! I tried it along with Kama Sutra Desenitizing Pleasure Balm on my husband & it was wonderful! Four hours of total bliss!
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Angie from GA
smell is amazing Submitted 2/18/2009
I could smell this stuff the second I opened the package. It smells amazing, and it worked pretty well. Got a little sticky feeling, but we just added a little more.
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My pleasure Oil! Submitted 11/12/2008
This stuff is great. The smell is wonderful and it is not sticky at all.
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Great stuff Submitted 11/25/2009
Good all around scent is not over whelming and NO STIANS doesnt taste much either =)
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love it Submitted 4/8/2009
The strawberry scent was refreshing Smells delicious, very slippery massage oil was nice and smooth, not oily.
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