Hot Easy Rider Masturbator

Hot Easy Rider Masturbator

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On-Demand Backdoor Fun –– Served Up Hot 'n' Fresh!

Slide Into The Hottest, Most Ultimate Anal Experience – Feels Sooo Real!

Grab this pretty pucker...and go! The latest in masturbators for men brings a unique anal experience to the casual stroker: realistic backdoor penetration that feels so alive...and so hot –– thanks to a special warming lube.

  • Realistic anal entry masturbator inside a firm plastic cup
  • Warming lube included for a realistic hot body experience
  • Textured areas inside create sensations with each stroke
  • Special rounded chamber targets head of penis 
  • Tightening zone massages shaft
  • Rippled texture area for life-like insertion
  • Air hole lets you control more or less suction sensations
  • Cup contains stroker for easy storage & travel
  • Approx 6.5 inches long, 2.75 inches wide
  • 100% silicone, body-safe, phthalate free
  • Water based lube included so you can start playing immediately

Realistic Penetration –– To Make Your Wildest Fantasies Come True!

Break out your favorite sexual fantasies, erotic memories, view online content, or that dirty adult DVD you keep out in the shed. Then slick up with warming lube that comes with this stroker, and sink your shaft into the realistic anal entry provided by your Hot Easy Rider Masturbator, any time you want!

Go Down This Hole –– And Never Come Back! 

Feel your fantasies come alive with every hot stroke! The realistic entry is sculpted to look exactly like an open invitation to anal sex. Catch your breath as rippled textures welcome you in and promptly go to work on you. When you reach the tightening zone, you'll swear there's hot muscles in there grabbing your shaft and not letting go. By the time you arrive at the rounded chamber, shaped to pleasure the tip of your penis, you'll want to repeat these thrusts –– over and over again! 

Easily Adjustable –– For Longer, Stronger Pleasure!

How long does anal fun last in real life? As long as you want to, now! You can delay your finish, "edging" is what the fans call it, and take your time –– because your Hot Easy Rider Masturbator lets you adjust the suction level with an air hole at the tip. Rub out a quickie or luxuriate –– it's up to you!

Easy Rider Pro Tips

Before you begin play, always dispense a few drops of lube into the chamber for best results –– and to protect sensitive skin. Clean the cup afterwards by turning it inside out and washing with warm water & mild soap, or your favorite sex toy cleaner. Rinse thoroughly, store at room temperature.


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No Batteries Required!
Shots America
Stretchy, Lubricant Included, Textured, Hypoallergenic, Warms
6.2 inches
2.50 inches