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Taylor Pleasure Wig


Taylor Pleasure Wig

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Be Someone You’re Not With Long Blonde Hair & Dark Roots!

Dress up for more fun in and out of bed! The Taylor Pleasure Wig features long sexy blonde locks with dark roots to ensure all eyes are on you. Wear it during the day when you need a change of pace. Slip it on before going out for a wild night. No one you know will recognize you, so you can leave your inhibitions at home! Wear it to a costume party as your friends try to guess who you are. Or stay home for a kinky night of roleplaying as you pretend to be someone else. Fully adjustable to fit almost anyone. Measures approximately 16 inches long in the back. Made from the highest quality synthetic materials for a sensually soft feel and perfectly natural look.

Key Features
  • Long blonde wig with dark roots
  • Made for fantasy play
  • Fully adjustable to fit almost anyone
  • Cleans easily for long-lasting use
  • Measures approximately 16 inches long
  • Made from synthetic materials
  • Protected by The Adam & Eve Satisfaction Guarantee

Everyone one says that blondes have more fun. Now you can find out for yourself with the Taylor Pleasure Wig!

This stylish and sexy blonde wig with dark roots commands attention wherever you go! Wear it during the    day when you need to control the room and dominate the conversation. It makes a great power play in your professional or personal life.

Slip it on before going out for a wild night of partying. The wig makes you look strikingly different, even your own mother might have a hard time recognizing you. This gives you the freedom to go places and do things you’ve never tried before. The wig’s sexy look will get you in the door of that cool new club and give you the confidence to start dancing with a total hottie!

Or you can use it for a kinky night of roleplaying. Slip on the Taylor Pleasure Wig and hit the bar. Let your partner buy you a drink, as you pretend not to know each other. Enjoy a night of playful flirting before dragging them back to bed for a fantasy hookup!

Those are just a few of the sexy possibilities awaiting you with the Taylor Pleasure Wig. With a little imagination, there’s no telling what else might happen!

This is one of the highest quality wigs Adam & Eve has ever offered. It’s made from the finest materials for an incredibly natural look and feel. Twirl the long blonde locks around your fingers as you flirt away. Encourage your partner to run their fingers through it as you make out… or even give it a gentle tug during playtime! An elastic strap hooks in the back to help hold the wig snugly in place. It’s fully adjustable, so it can fit most people.

When you need a break from all that partying, wash the Taylor Pleasure Wig with soap and water. Let it air dry and brush it. It bounces back to its original style, leaving you ready for another wild night!

Brand X-Gen
Colors Blonde
Length 16.0 inches
Material Nylon
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Taylor Pleasure Wig