Crotchless Cross-Dyed Lace Thong

Crotchless Cross-Dyed Lace Thong

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Contrasting colors emphasize your thong and your vagina!

Every women will want one of these sexy thongs!

The cross-dyed thong creates a special double layer effect adding depth and dimension to the panty as well as a sense of mystery and allure. The shiny  bows help enhance the effect to turn you from dazzling to irresistible!

And if that isn’t enough to drive that special someone wild just wait until you open your legs to show your vagina peeking out from the crotchless opening!

The Crotchless Cross-dyed Lace Thong is made by Rene Rofe from nylon and spandex. T Imported.

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Rene Rofe
Black, Red
Lingerie Features:
Nylon, Spandex
Small/Medium, Medium/Large
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great access Submitted 7/17/2011
These fit very well on my girlfriend and they give GREAT ACCESS without any fumbling around or adjusting. I love when she wears them for me!
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success Submitted 3/6/2011
boyfriend LOVED these panties! fit true to size. can't wait to wear them again!
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Very Nice Submitted 2/4/2014
Very nice, very well made and comfortable to wear. The lace and the seams are a little less soft than some other crotchless ones I have but they are still pretty comfy. I ordered a size up and they fit well. I have ordered all my panties like this a size up and have not regretted it, but I don't like things tight, especially if I am keeping them on through all the action. Hubby said he could feel these on him just a bit but they did not bother him. The hole in these go all the way from front to back and we have no problem going in from the front or doggie style. I like having my crotchless ones where it doesn't matter our position as we often start out one way and end up changing during the action. Hubby especially liked that basically all of my cheeks are showing since he is a butt guy. I will say my favorite crotchless is the Irresistible Crotchless Lace Panty. Those cover a lot more cheek but they are so soft and have a massive opening. At these prices, I recommend you order both! You can wear them under any lingerie you have for a little spice up! Very pleased with my purchase and so was hubby!
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Great surprise Submitted 8/1/2011
They fit great for one, and they were an awesome surprise for my boyfriend.
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Cute! Submitted 7/23/2013
I am a solid size 4. So I ordered the small. I wish that I had ordered the large. These fit but not really like the picture (but then does anything??)Super cute but I am sure that the large would have looked more relaxed and lay the way I would have preferred.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Perfect!!! Submitted 7/11/2017
You can definitely eat the good part with it on ;)
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Great Submitted 6/28/2011
My girlfriend fills these wonderfully. So incredibly sexy.
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Simple and Sexy Submitted 12/25/2011
A simple piece yet very sexy, husband loves them!
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New Submitted 8/22/2015
I got her these and was a little worried as she had never had some of these before. They were great but after awhile with them on did give her a little discomfort.
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Very hot Submitted 11/13/2012
Too sexy!
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