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Strapless Dildos

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Enjoy all the fun of strap-on sex without a hard-to-use harness by buying a strapless dildo from Adam & Eve.

Strapless dildos can be used by straight and lesbian couples alike. The bulb-shaped end slips inside your vagina, allowing you to hold the dildo in place without having to use a harness. You can then use the dildo shaft to penetrate your partner for strap-on sex without a complicated harness to get in the way!

Before using a strapless dildo, however, you’ll need to build up your Kegel muscles. Kegels are the muscles in your vagina that hold the dildo in place so you don’t need to use a strap-on harness. Thankfully, Kegel exercises are simple enough that you can do them anywhere – whether you’re sitting in traffic or trapped in a meeting at work. Simply clench the same muscles you use while peeing for five seconds. Release and relax for five seconds. Repeat this ten times in a row three times a day while steadily increasing the time you spend clenching your Kegels. After a few weeks, your Kegels should be strong enough to handle a strapless dildo.

When buying a strapless dildo from Adam & Eve, it’s important to pay close attention to the measurements. Make sure that the shaft isn’t too big for your partner, especially if they’re not used to being penetrated during sex. And then check that the bulb is the right size for you. It might seem counter-intuitive, but it’s easier to use a strapless dildo with a big bulb than a small one. Bigger bulbs place less stress on your Kegels since you don’t have to squeeze them as tightly to hold the strapless dildo. 

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