BodyWand VersaWand Massager With Attachments

BodyWand VersaWand Massager With Attachments

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Product Description

Powerful Massager Releases Deep Tension, Awakens Intense O’s!

Get powerful stimulation with 3 power levels, 6 massage heads, & 240 minutes of run time.

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“Not intended to be used as a sex toy but holy f*ck is it a good sex toy!” – Percussive massager review, Reddit.com

Find those deep, hard-to-reach pleasure spots and bombard them with ultra-powerful percussion! From the massage experts at Bodywand comes the rechargeable and super-charged VersaWand. Its intense 3-speed massage tip takes you through throbbing low to pulse-pounding medium to shake-the-house-down high levels of stimulation. Change up the thrills with 6 massage heads. The angle of the massager even adjusts for maximum impact! It recharges fast and packs up in an included luxury case for easy storage or travel.

  • Rechargeable and intense percussive muscle & deep tissue massager
  • Tip thrusts back and forth, targeting muscles with thumping percussion
  • 3 strong speeds including low, medium, and high
  • 6 interchangeable tips: padded round, shovel, u-shape, pinpoint, nubby, flat
  • 90 degree rotating arm lets you massage at comfortable angles
  • Designed for all-over body massage; feels amazing for intimate stimulation, too
  • Doesn’t look like a sex toy! Professional look lets you play discreetly
  • Rechargeable, includes USB cable, runs from 240 to 360 minutes per charge
  • Includes deluxe storage case for easy storage and travel
  • Wand: 7 inches total length, handle: 5 inches total length
  • Made from ABS plastic and Zinc Alloy

When you receive and unpack your Bodywand VersaWand Massager, you won’t see any steamy pictures or read any sexy suggestions. That’s because this massager is designed as a serious deep tool for muscle and tissue massage. Fortunately, owners realized fast – it’s an amazing sex toy, too!

That’s all thanks to the VersaWand’s powerful thumping percussion. The tip thumps back and forth. Hold it against aching muscles and you’ll feel it thump-thump-thump away, releasing tension. Hold it near your erogenous zones and you’ll experience wildly stimulating pleasure!

Fans of the VersaWand and other percussion toys like it suggest starting out using it indirectly, over clothes or a soft towel, and stimulating areas like your inner thighs next to more sensitive zones. One even suggested using the percussion in conjunction with a dildo to make the dildo feel like it’s thumping inside you. Because the Bodywand VersaWand’s percussion is just so dang strong, you may want to take it slow and use the lowest speed setting until you’ve gotten the hang of it. Please note that the VersaWand and its attachments are for external use only.

Playing together? Trying to reach a tough spot? The Bodywand VersaWand’s adjustable arm lets you angle it in just the right direction. You can adjust it into a straight line, at a right angle, and all kinds of angles in between for comfortable play. The VersaWand comes with from up to 240 to 360 minutes of playtime per charge. A special safety feature shuts down the percussion every 15 minutes. You very likely will not need all 15 minutes – but if you do, just press a button to restart.

When you’re finished playing, wipe down your Bodywand VersaWand Massager with a damp cloth and sex toy cleaner. Remove and wash the tips separately for easier cleaning. The VersaWand isn’t waterproof, so please keep it on dry land. Once clean, recharge with the included USB cable. A full charge takes about two hours. LED indicators let you know when it’s fully charged. Disconnect and store your VersaWand in its luxury zippered case with protective foam inserts.

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No batteries required
X-Gen, Bodywand
Multiple Vibration Modes, Vibrating, Multiple Speeds, Rechargeable, Attachments, Multiple Stimulation, Storage Bag Included
Male, Female
7.0 inches
ABS (plastic), Alloy
Power Source
1.75 inches
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5 stars of 5 rating
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Verified Purchase
5 stars of 5 rating
Great muscle therapy applications 5/2/2022
Works great at breaking up all those knots bound up in your locked up muscles after workouts. The multiple attachments give different penetration and pressure options to get to the spot you are relieving. The three levels of pulsation allow for low to high intensity depending on your needs at the time.
Yes, I recommend this product. Yes,  I recommend this product.
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