The Original Venus Butterfly

The Original Venus Butterfly

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Product Description

Women – Wear This Vibrator For Hands-Free O's!

The One & Only Original Just Got Better!

Before there was the rabbit vibrator, there was the Butterfly vibrator...and there's nothing like wearing an Original Venus Butterfly, alone or with a partner. Your clit will flutter as the Butterfly vibrator nestles and flickers against your mound!

• Vibrator measures 3 inches long and 3 inches wide
• Designed for clitoral and labial areas
• Powerful egg vibrator
• Soft, flexible jelly material
• Adjustable straps
• Remote control
• Vibrator can be used alone or with a partner
• Requires 2 AA batteries, sold separately

The Butterfly lands perfectly on your errogenous zone thanks to adjustable straps made from soft, durable fabric –– you can even wear it under your clothes. Set the thumbwheel controller with just one hand and get ready to fly with this wild womens sex toy! For the woman who wants stimulation from a vibrator without having to hold on to it, the hands-free experience of the Original Venus Butterfly vibrator is perfect –– and unique.

The Butterfly stays in place thanks to soft fabric leg and waist straps. It’s like wearing a G-string or garters with a small personal vibrator attached to the garment.

Alone or as a couple, the Original Venus Butterfly vibrator is fun, before and during sex!

Besides giving you freedom of movement –– you can even walk around or parade for your lover while wearing the Butterfly as it sends vibrations to your love mound –– this style of sex toy design has caught on because the entire female genital area is stimulated.

Your Original Venus Butterfly vibrator is powered by 2 AA batteries (sold separately). Clean up is easy with a warm, damp towel and perhaps a drop of mild soap. Do not immerse this toy in water as it is not a waterproof vibrator. You can also use Adam & Eve toy cleaner.

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2 AA batteries (sold separately)
Cal Exotics
Clitoral Stimulator, Battery Operated, Vibrating, Adjustable, Multiple Speeds
3.0 inches
Power Source
Battery Operated
3.00 inches
5 stars of 5 rating
I wish I had this a long time ago.
"...it Drove me Crazy, in A GOOD WAY!"
5 stars of 5 rating
verrrry satisfied
"It was AMAZING!!! I lost count of how many i had after a while."
5 stars of 5 rating
10 stars...
" It makes me lose control... "
Customer Rating
3.7 stars of 5 rating
(715 Reviews)
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5 stars of 5 rating
5 stars of 5 rating
So worth it 4/13/2011
i was a little too busy to actually use the straps the first time so i just put it where i wanted it and used it with "make me cum" while having sex with my husband. it surprisingly stayed in place and felt AMAZING. my only dissappointment was that the sex was over so much sooner than usual lol. i was so surprised because i didnt expect too much from this product and i had an amazingly powerful long orgasm. ive never had an orgasm that great or during sex until this product. i used the straps later and they were plenty sturdy. the only way i really see them breaking is if i gain another ten pounds and im not exactly the tiniest woman out there so they should b fine for most women.
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1 stars of 5 rating
Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
1 stars of 5 rating
Sad. Not for big girls. 9/23/2017
It's adjustable but don't buy it if you're over a size 12 as it will not fit.
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2 stars of 5 rating
2 stars of 5 rating
Dissapointed 6/24/2009
I thought it was cordless... It was not.
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5 stars of 5 rating
5 stars of 5 rating
A MUST HAVE for your toy box! 11/5/2009
Great product, great price. Pair it with the A&E Tickle Me Pink lotion for extra tingles and thank me later! I’m new to toys but like that this is hands free and designed to touch all the right spots, with a dial control to adjust the vibration intensity. Although other reviewers had issues with the straps, I’m on the small side of plus size (14-16 or 16/18), so I moved them aside the first time out and put the butterfly in place, squeezing my thighs together to adjust the pressure as needed. Great multiple orgasms in a matter of minutes, a close second to the ones my hubby gives me! The second round, I used the thigh and waist straps to keep the butterfly on target before I started flipping through my favorite sexy story collection. Was able to enjoy a variety of positions while varying pressure by leaning against the mattress, the wall, using one or both hands…you know, just don’t lie there, use your imagination! My only criticism: the silicone or plastic material has a chemical odor that gets left behind until I shower – not something that I feel like doing after an exhilaration session, but it’s necessary.
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5 stars of 5 rating
Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
5 stars of 5 rating
I wish I had this a long time ago. 8/20/2017
Pros: The 1st time my Husband used this on me, I had an orgasm. I don't orgasm easy, it's been years. We left it in place and began having sex. When we were done, my clitoris & legs felt like they were Tingling & Buzzing, it Drove me Crazy, in A GOOD WAY! Then my husband had to go out of town for work so I tried it on myself and once it hit a spot that felt AWESOME, I KEPT it THERE... I had "2" Orgasms, almost 3, but I couldn't handle it anymore, WOW, I am AMAZED! I told my Husband what I did and told him that we need to communicate better the next time. He Agreed! Cons: NONE
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