Vibrating Mini Pleasure Probe

Vibrating Mini Pleasure Probe

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Pint-Sized Probe Makes 1st Time Anal Fantastic!

Join the anal explorer club with this flexible anal plug! A tapered tip makes insertion up to 2.75" a breeze, while the bendable silicone blend body moves with you for comfortable play. When you’re ready, flip a switch to activate the probe’s booty-shaking vibrations! Finger ring for easy removal. Includes FREE batteries.

  • Flexible anal probe with vibration
  • 4.25" total length; 2.75" insertable length
  • 0.25” tapered tip for easy entry
  • Widens to 1” at base
  • Made from a flexible silicone blend
  • Switch activated vibrating motor inside
  • Finger ring for thrusting and removal
  • Waterproof
  • Includes 3 LR745 batteries FREE

Love a lil’ anal play? Ready to start exploring the world of backdoor pleasure? Then you’ve found the right anal toy for the job! The Vibrating Mini Pleasure Probe’s small size, flexible shaft, and tapered tip make it so easy to insert. At the base of the probe, you’ll find a small switch. Flick it and activate this anal probe’s great tush-teasing vibration.

Before you start playing, add some of your favorite sex lube to the anal probe’s smooth silicone blend surface. Then slowly work it into your backdoor. The tapered tip makes insertion easy and lets you slide in as much of the anal probe as you’re ready for. Activate the vibrating anal probe’s power to experience amazing anal sensations.

The Vibrating Mini Pleasure Probe’s finger ring makes insertion, control, and removal so simple and easy for optimum pleasure.

Clean your Vibrating Mini Pleasure Probe with antibacterial soap and water or Adam & Eve Pure And Clean Toy Cleaner.

Note: You or your partner should always wear the anal probe around your finger when using it.

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Watch-size batteries (included)
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Single Speed, Waterproof, Battery Operated, Vibrating, Batteries Included
Male, Female
4.25 inches
Power Source
Battery Operated
1.00 inches
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That's what she said :)
Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Not good 12/8/2017
Needs a bigger "end" to hold on too. Got stuck "up there". Did get it out but never gonna use that again!
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Almost perfect 1/21/2014
Got this for my wife to use on me to experiment with anal play on me. Tried it because it is soft as opposed to so many anal toys which are harder. Honestly, it's just about pure heaven. She used it on me for the first time the other morning and I was going crazy. The vibes are just about perfect and it inserts very easily because it's not so huge. Loved it so much I asked her to use it on me the next morning. Only complaint is the vibrator unit sticks out into the ring enough where my wife kept accidentally hitting the switch to turn off the vibes. A little annoying. Wouldn't mind it being just a little larger (longer and wider) as well. But love the soft material.
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Beware this item! 2/26/2014
I bought this item to ease into anal play. This thing went up my bottom and my husband had to reach into me and get it out. Not a positive first anal play experience. Maybe some folks would like this but it was an inconvenience to get out. Good vibration, bad shape.
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Scary!!!!!! 3/9/2014
I'm giving this 3 stars because it was pleasurable, but like another reviewer said, this thing went completely inside me and I had to reach inside myself to remove it. I ended up throwing it away due to the horrible experience. It definitely needs a wider ring/base.
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Don't Let Go 6/7/2014
If you are looking for a small vibrating toy to put in place and forget about it, this probably won't work out to well. Not keeping your finger in the finger ring will cause this to get sucked inside your anus leaving you with 2 options to get it out. Those being to go digging hoping it isn't too far in, or to push and hope that is all you push out. It does have a nice little vibe action to it that would definitely increase ones pleasure, but again, DO NOT LET GO OF IT.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Definitely buy again 10/7/2017
My wife really isn’t one for anal, finally found a toy she doesnt mind. She like the vide prefers it over other toys we have tried
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Great starter 12/22/2017
I love the small size and how it starts you into the whole new world of butt activities. The vibration is a perfect amount. Can be used alone, in conjunction with vagina penetration, and/or with another toy. I love it!!!
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Be careful 8/17/2015
my girl friend and i used the plug a few times and i noticed the vibrator kept going in further and further and then the last time we used it we were having fun i went to grab another toy and it was gone it got sucked in!!! there should be a bigger base to stop that from happening!!
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Pros: Great vibration(before insertion) and great for an anal tease. Cons: Once things get "clenched" it looses vibration feeling. Would recommend to those just starting anal play but to anyone that has already started with dildos and strapons this one has the potential to get "lost" inside you.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Perfect for beginners 3/18/2018
Beginner here, this is great for just starting out. And the vibration is amazing
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