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A&E's Resident Sex Expert Continued

I don't have any judgment on whether doing this is a "good or bad" thing in general. It really depends on your own motivations. Some people feel empowered by the act of having sex not only in front of a webcam but also for getting paid for it. Other people try it once and decide that for whatever reason it doesn't work for them. But do know once it's out there it is potentially out there forever, so I think you taking the time to make an informed decision is a good one.

Talk it over with your girlfriend. See if there is a way you can try it that doesn't involve you showing your identity. There are plenty of webcam videos out there that just involve an unidentified stunt dick. But know that even if you try this route that the mental stress of still being found out somehow or just the fact that it is incongruent with other aspects of your life might still hinder you.

There is always a risk with this sort of thing and you and your girlfriend should be sure to acknowledge that it may change your relationship as well – sometimes for the worse. There is the additional risk that your job may not look kindly on this sort of behavior too so you would have to be willing to risk that as well. Take the time to weigh all of the options and if you still want to go forward, do it slowly.

Dr. Kat



Women: Strengthen Your Kegels, Get Stronger Orgasms! Continued

Then begin by lying back and tightening your kegel muscles for five seconds. And relax. That's it! Try this exercise several times in a row. Gradually, you'll be able to build up your strength and stamina until you're a kegel commando.

Because the exercises are made up of such small movements, you can do kegel exercises discreetly in just about any situation. But be warned: kegel exercises can be very stimulating. You may prefer to perform them in private, or just before sex.

Want another fun way to incorporate kegel exercise into your sex life? Try out a set of Ben Wa Balls or Duotone Balls. For years, sexual adventurers have prized these sex toys for the arousing tease they provide.

Beginners should start with lighter Ben Wa Balls, while kegeling experts may want to try heavier weights or kegel balls made of high-quality glass or steel.

Curious about kegels? You can always find the latest, hottest Ben Wa Balls and kegel training sex toys right here at



Make Your Sex Life Explosive! Continued

3. Break Character. Nothing dulls your sex life quite like mind-numbing routine. So it's important to break the pattern and do something completely out of character. If you always plan things in advance, then it's time for a spontaneous romantic retreat. If you always have sex in bed with the lights off, then try the dining room table in the middle of the day.

4. Get A New Sex Toy. It doesn't matter if it's a big-screen TV or a cell phone. Whenever you get something new, it's perfectly natural to want to try it out. So a new sex toy – especially one your spouse might like – is all the excuse you need for a little hanky panky. Based on personal experience, vibrators – especially either rabbit or G-Spot – work the best in this kind of situation.

5. Follow up. While these steps will hopefully do some good, they're not exactly magical cure-alls for your sexual doldrums. In the end, the only way to get rid of a ho-hum sex life permanently is by sitting down with your partner and having a comprehensive conversation about your relationship. With some luck, your relationship will end up stronger than ever… and your sex life will skyrocket!


Explore Adam & Eve's New Bondage Line, Scarlet Couture Continued

Scarlet Couture is ready for a special place in your bedroom!

Here's a peek at what Scarlet Couture has to offer for adventurous couples everywhere.

Scarlet Couture Blindfold Slip this on to focus on your own senses. Hear things more clearly, taste things more intensely! Silky scarlet satin on one side, supple black vegan leather on the other for a luxurious experience.

Scarlet Couture Bondage Diamond Whip Start with a caress, then a flick of your wrist to sting your lover's backside with soft vegan leather strips gathered in a diamond-patterned handle. Always start with the lightest strikes possible, working your way up as you both talk about feels good.

Scarlet Couture Bondage Binding Passion Paddle Sometimes a good spanking does the trick! This vegan leather paddle leaves just the right amount of bite on your lover's bum. Again, start lightly and be sure to have a safe word that means stop – for real.

Scarlet Couture Bondage Kit Close the bedroom door and let this kit fuel your shared fantasies. A light feather tickle while your hands are tied in smooth satin? With a blindfold? How about a sweet sting on the buttocks with vegan leather flogger? One person's reward can be another's punishment!

Scarlet Couture Bondage Collar & Leash Explore erotic role play fantasies in a sensual black and scarlet jewel-studded vegan leather collar. The leash is a nice dominant touch. Is there a party you can wear this to?

Scarlet Couture Bondage Duo Crop & Flogger Nothing helps your submissive partner gain focus faster than this black vegan leather riding crop with sexy scarlet stitching. The perfect circle at the end makes a satisfying "snap" on contact that electrifies the senses. Use the flowing handle strips as a flogger.

Scarlet Couture Bondage Cuffs Explore just about any erotic position with hand or ankle cuffs in vegan leather. Metal-studded black and scarlet cuffs gently hold your lover in place. Velcro binding for comfort and easy self-release.

Scarlet Couture Bondage Rope Flogger Get excited about kinky games with this black and scarlet rope flogger. Tender strokes with unraveled soft strands make a good reward for good behavior... or deliver a reprimand by gathering the rope ends together for a quick snap to supple skin – like nice, round butt cheeks.

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