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Designed for a woman's body––to deliver simultaneous stimulation to both your G-Spot and clitoris! You'll love this erotic dream of a toy––first, insert the G-Spot probe and feel it fill you up. You or your lover rock it back and forth to stimulate your G-Spot, then turn on the vibrating bullet that nuzzles your clit...keep rocking until you let loose with a body-quaking ORGASM! The Rock-Chick is made specifically for a woman's sexual satisfaction. Cast from silicone––this material warms immediately to your body's temperature and carries vibrations from tip-to-tip. Silicone is durable and easier to clean than anything else! Great for travel, it looks nothing like a sex toy! Batteries included.

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2.0 inches




G Spot tip, Clitoral stimulator, Single Speed, Single Vibration


.50 inches



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Practice makes perfect!   

Love my many toys! on September 7, 2008

If this product didn't work for you then you should try it again! It does take a little experimentation to get it right - but isn't that the whole point of using toys? This is made of high quality material. Use plenty of lube to get started and then take your time rocking it with your hand or against different surfaces (chair, bed, cushion) to find what feels good to you. You DON'T have to hold the black button down and a stronger vibration would probably take away from what this baby was intended to do which is Rock smooth silicone ridges against your special outside places while the other end gives your g-spot a delicious tease. If you are just looking for something to stick inside, do little else and give you an average orgasm then order a cheap rabbit. If you are willing to put just a little effort into perfecting your technique then this can ROCK you!
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on February 7, 2009

Disappointed, to much work,not enough vibration, uncomfortable. Did nothing forme.
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