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Why Glass Dildos?

If you’ve been a fan of dildos for a long while, you might’ve noticed one of the hotter, more recent trends: glass dildos. But just why should you make the switch to glass dildos? What gives glass dildos the edge over standard sex toy fare?

Temperature Play. Unlike TPE or ABS dildos, glass dildos have a unique property – they are designed to withstand temperature changes. And not just a few degrees, either; glass dildos can be heated or cooled to thrilling temperatures quickly in hot or cold water. Then enjoy teasing yourself or your lover with amazing warmth or shiver-inducing chills. No other dildo material can stand up to temperatures the way glass dildos can.

Safety. “Will it break?” Short answer: no. Glass dildos are made of crack and chip-resistant borosilicate glass – the same glass used in luxury cookware. Your glass dildo will survive falls and high-impact use with ease. Still worried? Check your glass dildo visually for cracks or breakage before each use.

Hygiene. Cleaning glass dildos is an absolute breeze. Since glass is nonporous, it doesn’t hold onto mess or bacteria the way other sex toys can. Just use sex toy cleaner or anti-bactieral soap and water to wash up and you’ll get easy, squeaky-clean results. Many glass dildos are so temperature resistant, you can even boil them or put them through your dishwasher.

Style. Glass dildos are easy to make in fun, versatile shapes and colors. In an effort to stand out from the crowd, many manufacturers experiment with different lengths, shapes, and styles. You can find twisting glass dildos, glass dildo roses, abstract glass shapes, and even coated glass sex toys. You can also find specially shaped glass dildos to perfectly stimulate the G-Spot or prostate.

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