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Vlad the Vampire

Hometown: Wallachia in modern-day Romania

Least Favorite Book/Movie: Twilight. If I ever see a sparkling vampire, I'll tear them apart with my bare fangs.

Hobbies: Counting things, Mixing new cocktails (I actually invented the Bloody Mary. Of course, it's changed a lot over the years.), Visiting the dentist for whitening treatments,

Favorite Sex Position: 69 – you can never have too much sucking!

Kinky Secret: I once turned into mist and hid in the women’s area of a Roman bathhouse. But that was when I was a young vampire of just 124.

The Nominees are:

Spicy Dice

Spicy Dice

I "fixed" my dice so they always land on "nibble" and "neck."

Max Results Pump

Max Results Pump

I'm 2,167 years old, so I've got some blood flow issues down there. This pump is just what I need for doing a little "staking" of my own!

The Accommodator

The Accommodator

Looks silly, but it's a great distraction when I "go downtown" for a bite!

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