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Tips to Maximize your Vibrator Fun

Whether you're a beginner or experienced vibrator user, it never hurts to check out vibrator pointers for inspiration or new ideas to help make your vibrator experience even sweeter.

Vibrator 101 – The Introduction

All right, so you’ve used your vibrator a few times, enjoyed it and now you found yourself looking for ideas about new things to try.

Don’t just focus on your vagina or clitoris but try using the vibrator all over your body – you might find an erogenous zone you never knew about before!
Many partners enjoy either watching or using a vibrator with their lover. If your partner is more reluctant to jump in and help, try giving them a sensual massage with the vibrator first to show what it does. Make sure that your partner knows the vibrator is not meant to replace him or her but just to make a great thing even better.
The more often you use your vibrator, the easier you’ll find it to orgasm during sex with your partner. As you use your vibrator, you’ll grow more accustomed to the triggers it takes to send you over the edge and you’ll be able to communicate what works and what doesn’t to your partner.
Learn how to enhance stimulation by varying the speed of your vibrator. Many people just set the dial to high and leave it there. Don’t fall into that trap!
Don’t just lie on your bed. Try moving around and see if there’s another position that really makes your vibrator ring your bell!
Remember: Practice Makes Perfect!

Vibrator 202 – The Advanced Course

If you're getting bored with the basics, then these more advanced tips will help put new life in your vibrator! If you have a few old vibrators lying around, you can give them new life by wrapping a vibrating cock ring around the vibrator.

The secret to having multiple orgasms with your vibrator is to ease the pressure against your clitoris when you're near an orgasm. Keep gently moving the vibrator but avoid direct contact with your clitoris until you find yourself on the verge of another orgasm.
Time your hip movements with your breathing for increased pleasure. After getting the hang of this while using your vibrator, starting contracting and releasing your pelvic muscles at the same time.
Try a position you've never tried before or, better yet, use your vibrator somewhere brand new and daring!
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