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Female Ejaculation aka Squirting

Squirting 101


The mysterious “female ejaculation” (aka Squirting), phenomenon has been medically observed for decades, and at one point was considered nearly mythical. Before it was properly understood it was thought to be rare, and the poor women who accidentally experienced squirting in the midst of lovemaking often thought that it was a sign of gynecological or urinary problems. With the discovery of the G-spot (some folks are still looking for it) this mysterious phenomenon began to be understood. (The G-spot is a highly sensitive mass of tissue inside the vaginal cavity on the ventral side – imagine it’s the back end of the clitoris and you’ll get pretty close.) This walnut-sized love-button varies in sensitivity from woman to woman, depending on size, placement, and innate sensitivity, but in general it’s the organ mostly responsible for the vaginal response to friction, i.e. why it feels so good when you get a penis thrusting in and out.

With the popularization of G-spot stimulation to provide a more powerful orgasm, and the explosion of home-made and professional porn movies in the 80s and 90s, it became clear that squirting wasn’t as rare as previously thought. As women gained a more sophisticated knowledge about their bodies and felt more open to experiment with their sexuality, gushers started popping up from sea to shining sea. The porn industry, of course, started making specialty squirting videos and some directors (Axel Braun, among others) began specializing in squirting as a niche genre.

But just what is it? Is it urine? And how does it happen? Basically, the theory goes like this: dramatic stimulation of the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time will encourage a woman to produce copious amounts of natural lubrication in her vagina (much like your mouth produces excess saliva when “aroused” by the smell of something yummy baking). If the stimulation is continued, enough of this fluid builds up in the vagina so that when she does have a powerful orgasm, the tight and sudden contractions of the powerful vaginal muscles expel that fluid with amazing velocity.

Not every woman can do it – for some, their G-spot just isn’t prominent or sensitive enough (although there is temporary G-spot augmentation surgery available that will help with this, for the orgasm aficionados). Others cannot bring themselves to relax enough to manage that powerful an orgasm, or they don’t produce enough natural lubricants to manage a pussyshower. For some it just takes practice and the help of an assistant and a toy or two. For best results, make sure the lady in question is well-hydrated and totally turned on – but her bladder is empty – before you try. There are even videos available that detail just how to produce a squirt.

The practice is not without controversy in the sex world, however; there is the question of whether or not the fluid is actually natural lubricant or actually urine. Get it straight: squirting is NOT pee, though the sensation feels similar to having a full bladder (which means that experimenting is not without an element of risk). The waters get muddied a little because on some squirting videos the women are clearly urinating, while in others they clearly aren’t.

Good luck! And pack a raincoat – it’s looking like showers ahead.

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-Ian Ironwood

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