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Sexy Resolutions For The New Year Continued

6. Lube 'em Up
If you've never tried lube with sex or masturbation, with toys or just your hand – you may be missing out on
an amazing experience. Your skin will thank you for the moisturizing!

7. Find G-Spot
This can be a solo effort or a group project, depending. Every report tells us it is very, very rewarding!

8. Make a Sex Playlist
Many great meals rely on a menu to help set the tone of the food to be enjoyed. Why
not do the same for sex?

9. Hair Care Down There
This doesn't necessarily mean you need to shave completely. Prune, shape or trim for an effect. Some
enthusiasts tell us it encourages oral sex (less shrubbery) and guys, a "haircut" can make you look, well, larger.

10. Get A New Bra, Professionally Fitted
There's a survey somewhere that says most women are wearing the wrong size bra. Your breasts deserve the
best – go get a bra that fits right and you'll feel comfy and sexy at the same time!

11. Be The Tease
One small step at a time with this, too. There's no need to be graphic either, as the power of suggestion is its own
best aphrodisiac!

12. Splurge On a New Sex Toy
Okay, shameless plug here. Spoil yourself with better material (like silicone), or more functions (like a rabbit), or
just something small and powerful for travel.

13. Work Them Kegels
These are the muscles in your pelvic region, adjacent and below your genitals. They line the vagina, they help him
make his wang-dang-doodle throb like Ron Jeremy. Use or lose it – the increased blood flow alone will make sex
and or masturbation more enjoyable!

14. Express Yourself
It pays to advertise! If you like what your partner is doing – say so in the moment. It's also called "hot talk."
Conversely, if you don't like what's being done – say so in the moment and suggest another activity. It's nice to be
nice, try it!

15. Go Commando
Okay, try it on a small scale at first. Like around the house. Running a quick errand. When your partner finds out, look out!

16. Try a New Sex Position
Any. New. Sex. Position. You're reading this on the internet, so start a-googlin'!

17. Tweak Your Technique
Slow it down. Speed it up. Add lube. Add a sex toy. Do it in the morning. Do it in the evening. Do it at supper time – that's it, good!

18. Watch A XXX DVD
This can work in so many different ways. The more adventurous partner can pick out the movie based on your conversation.
Or you can pretend it's "porn roulette" and try something at random. Don't forget – it's only a movie, you can always
turn it off. Whether you're inspired, stimulated, entertained or none of the above, at least you can say you've tried it.

19. Take Charge
If this is not normally your role in your relationship, don't you think it's about time you called the shots?

20. What's Knot To Like?
You knew this was going to be on the list, didn't you. One of you gets tied up. know. Then the other one gets
tied up. Wrists, ankles, legs, arms – get creative, people!

21. Share a Sex Fantasy
Like all the other verbal fun we've talked about, please note the time and place – do your homework and try this when you
think the time is right. Then go crazy.

22. Get All Dolled Up
Is this resolution about cross-dressing? No. But it could be. When do people get dressed up, anyway? If you belong to
Fleece Nation, study the look on your partner's face after you get all dressed up like a grown-up. Then go crazy.

23. Masturbate
Did you know Mark Twain wrote an ode to onanism in 1879? You trust him, don't you. Then get busy, you've got nerve endings
to revive, blood flow to encourage. Your Chi will thank you. (If you haven't heard it by now, the best way to tell your partner what
you like done to you is for you to do it first.)

24. Be A Butt Love Bandit
Yes, this is a sensitive topic. Ass sex. How about just a butt plug for starters? Or some lube and a cute little anal probe? Okay,
this much you can do – during sex or masturbation, clench and release your muscles down there and see how many you can
identify – we kid you not, this alone will make you an anal sex expert in five minutes!

25. Sex With the Lights On (And The TV Off)
First of all, it'll be easier to operate all your favorite sex toys from Adam & Eve. Seriously, though – why not? See her lower neck
become flush during orgasm. Study the way he finally explodes during orgasm – it's better than Basic Cable, trust us!

BONUS. Do as many of your resolutions as you can in a single love making session.

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