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September Is Read A Book A Day Month

4. Ride 'Em Cowgirl!
You'll keep this one in your nightstand for constant reference. Over 100 illustrations help you
make the most of your body type and you'll love the expert advice on sex toys. Playfully written
from a woman's perspective, Sadie Allison makes it easy. From sexy talk to working a man's
"He-Spot," you'll find yourself recommending this one to your best friends!

5. Rock Her World Sex Guide
Subtitled "The Sex Guide For The Modern Man," author Seymore Butts shares his experience
and first-hand knowledge of how to please a lady. It helps that Seymore (Adam Glasser) has
starred in over a hundred of his own adult movies! He's like the experienced buddy letting you
in on his best techniques. Want to eat pussy like a rock star? Why not!

6. Sexual Ecstasy: The Art Of Orgasm
You and your partner could always use better and more intense orgasms, right? Author Margot
Anand gives you a concise step-by-step guide to busting a better nut. She also teaches you
how to enjoy more sex for a longer period time, reaching ecstatic states of orgasm. This is the
perfect gift for a couple to give themselves.

7. The Government vs. Erotica: The Seige Of Adam & Eve
Written by Adam & Eve founder and president Phil Harvey, this book chronicles that day in 198
when 37 armed law enforcement agents forced their way into the offices of Adam & Eve. It too
8 years and 3 million dollars in legal fees for justice to be delivered, but the alternative would
have been intolerable for anyone who believes in our nation's First Amendment. This book –
and our catalog –– is what free speech is all about.

8. The G-Spot In Words And Pictures
Book value! Get the most bang for your buck with this fun, informative and stimulating look at
a woman's hot button. Not only that, but see the mystery of female ejaculation revealed –– so
you can enjoy! Fully illustrated, there's even something for the guys here –– the joys of prostate
stimulation and the "P-Spot."

9. The Pictorial Guide To Tantric Sex Positions
Another great book value, this lushly photographed book shows you four couples engaged in
positions available to us only through the study of Tantric secrets!

10. Sadie Allison's Tickle His Pickle
This vividly illustrated pleasure guide is nothing but fun –– a light-hearted journey around what
really matters to your man! Sadie Allison reveals –– get this –– FIFTY techniques of sucking
shaft-stroking, ball-fondling, cock-caressing and prostate-pleasing! Giving or getting, this book
will also find a cherished spot in your nightstand.

11. ToyGasms: Guide To Sex Toys
Sadie Allison's Toy Gasms! –– The Insider's Guide To Sex Toys And Techniques is the book yo
need to get the most from your favorite vibrator, dildo –– any sex toy! Over 40 techniques help
you achieve stronger, longer orgasms. Also, how to get your lover in on the act and some practical
tips on how store adult sex toys away from prying eyes.

12. Tracy Cox Supersex For Life
Rekindle the passion in your relationship and revitalize your sex life. This collection of tips, stories,
advice and shocking facts is perfect for sharing!

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