Pleasure in place

Market Research

No one expected 2020 to look like this. Adam & Eve asked over 2,000 people how COVID-19 impacted their lives. And this is how they pleasured in place.

Couples Survey Results

Question: Is there more need for variety and/or adventure in your sex life now that sheltering in place is the new norm?

Question: Do you like having sex in different parts of the house?

Question: How interested are you in finding toys to use together?

Question: Has sheltering in place encouraged you to try any of the following for the first time?

Question: Has the shelter in place affected your ability to be intimate with your partner? (Couples quarantining apart.)

Question: Do you self pleasure more often now that you can't be with your significant other? (Couples quarantining apart.)

Singles Survey Results

Question: In this time of sheltering in place how important is it to have a variety of sex toys to use?

Question: How much has your sex toy usage increased since sheltering in place began?

Question: How long will you wait to go on an in-person date once social distancing ends?