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Penis Pumps for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a topic most men would rather ignore than talk about, all the while hoping and praying that it never happens to them.

There are many different causes behind erectile dysfunction. Diabetes is one of the most common because it damages nerves and arteries – hindering sexual stimulation and limiting blood flow to the penis. Other reasons for erectile dysfunction include kidney disease, vascular problems, prostate cancer and even taking certain prescription drugs. Additionally, there are certain psychological problems that can also make achieving an erection difficult if not impossible.

Every man has problems achieving an erection at a certain point in their lives, but that doesn’t automatically mean you have erectile dysfunction. You might have just had a super-stressful day at work or you drank a little too much beer while watching the game. If achieving an erection does become a persistent problem for you, then you should definitely see your doctor and share your worries with them.

If your doctor does diagnose you with erectile dysfunction, then now’s the time to talk with them about penis pumps. Medical studies suggest that 65% of men with erectile dysfunction are satisfied with the results of their penis pumps, making these sex toys one of the most successful treatments for ED. Penis pumps are especially beneficial when erectile dysfunction is caused by diabetes, poor blood flow to the penis, prostate or colon cancer surgery and psychological issues like anxiety or depression. Penis pumps should not be used if you have a bleeding disorder or are prone to long-lasting and painful erections.

While there are other ways to treat erectile dysfunction, you don’t have to worry about pricey pills or potentially harmful side effects with a penis pump. If you get your doctor to diagnose a penis pump, you can even consider the purchase a medical expense. But that is of course between you and your physician. If they think a penis pump isn’t the best method, then you should listen to them and follow your doctor’s advice – whatever it is – to the best of your ability.

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