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Penis Pump Guide

You’ve blasted your quads and toned your abs, so now it’s time to pump up every guy’s favorite muscle – the penis!

Despite their role as a running gag in the Austin Power movies, penis pumps are the only guaranteed method for actually increasing the size of your cock. Additionally, penis pumps are often recommended by medical doctors for patients with diabetes and blood flow issues who have problems achieving an erection on their own.

Penis pumps work by creating an air-tight seal around the penis. The resulting vacuum draws blood into the penis to give you an erection. Using a penis pump usually slightly increases the length of your shaft and provides a significant gain in girth. Once you’ve hit your target goal, you should remove the penis pump and slide a cock ring around the base of your shaft to help maintain your new and improved erection. Using a penis pump on a regular basis over several months will cause the penile tissue to stretch and promote growth to give you more permanent results. While you shouldn’t use your penis pump for longer than 20 to 30 minutes a session, it is important that you use it on a regular basis if you wish to increase the length of girth of your cock.

Penis pumps are generally divided into two categories based on the design of their pumping mechanism. Bulb-shaped penis pumps are more affordable, while hand triggered penis pumps are easier to use and generate a stronger suction. Whichever kind you end up buying, be sure it comes with an emergency release button. If the penis pump ever becomes uncomfortable or you need to remove it in a hurry, the release button lets you quickly break the vacuum seal so you can safely take the penis pump off.

While penis pumps and penis enhancers are somewhat related, there is substantial difference between the two types of sex toys for men. Penis pumps aim to naturally improve your erection on a long-term basis, whereas penis enhancers improve it on a short-term basis through the use of prosthetic-like devices.

If you’re still curious about penis pumps or just want to learn more about other kinds of sex toys, check out further information in the Adam & Eve Buyers Guide.

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