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Guide to Penis Enhancers

Covering a broad range of different sex toys, penis enhancers are basically any sex toy that can be used to instantly increase the length or girth of your penis without resorting to costly penis pumps or dick pills that might or might not work.

Even though penis enhancers and penis pumps both share the goal of penis enhancement, the two types of men’s sex toys are significantly different. Penis enhancers provide an instant solution for men who want a larger penis, while penis pumps require months of regular use to do the same thing. In a way, penis enhancers function almost like a prosthetic. You simply put on the enhancer and use it to supplement whatever shortcomings your natural penis might have.

Types of Penis Enhancers

There are three main types of penis enhancers:

Cock rings are, without doubt, the most popular. These penis enhancers limit blood flow. Keeping blood in the penis provides a slight boost in length and a more noticeable increase in girth, essentially combining the other types of penis enhancers in a single package. As an added bonus, cock rings can help delay ejaculation to increase your endurance. And many cock rings feature bullet vibrators and pleasure ticklers to tease her clit during sex, which is way many sex toy users consider cock rings the ultimate toy for couples.

Penis Extensions are the second type of enhancer, which is used primarily used to boost the length of your penis. The extension fits over the tip of your penis and adds anywhere from two to four inches in length. Usually made from realistic material to be as life-like as possible, the penis extension lets you plunge deeper than ever inside your partner.

The penis sleeve is the third type of penis enhancer, which increases your girth. The sleeve can take the form of an extra thick cock ring or a large condom. The sleeve typically adds an inch or so to the width of your cock so you can really fill your partner up better than ever. Additionally, many sleeves are covered with pleasure nubs and ticklers, like cock rings, to tease and stimulate her pussy as you pump away.

Check out the Adam & Eve Buyers Guide for additional information on penis enhancers and other kinds of sex toys.


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