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Halloween Costumes Guaranteed To Drive Him Crazy Continued

We're not sure what this means for former faculty members, though... Adam & Eve's most popular
fantasy costume of all time is the Naughty School Girl (18+) Uniform modeled by famous adult
film star Carmen Luvana. You can see Carmen's having fun with this costume, the opportunity to
flirt and ask someone special to teach her a thing...or two! Is discipline a problem? Spend some
time in the Sassy School Girl (18+) Costume and if you're not told to stay after school, then there
is something seriously wrong.

The Cheerleader Fantasy

See the previous fantasy for notes. Then add the unattainable status of many cheerleaders at
institutions of higher learning – especially for inexperienced, tongue-tied nerds! Well, with this
little outfit, the Blow Job University Cheerleader, history can and will be re-written! He'll be thrilled
to cheer old BJU!

The Office Fantasy

It’s where many of us spend at least 8 or 9 hours a day, if not more! Whether it's a co-worker, or
just a glimpse at the office temp of the day, the workplace is a ripe environment for fantasy! In terms
of shock value, these costumes will work overtime for you! Stately shades of grey, white and black
seem to dominate work un-attire like the Very Private Secretary, the frilly and feminine Office Tramp
or the on-fire Office Temp. Go ahead. Ask for that raise!

The Lady Cop Fantasy

Body searches and cuffs! In your Dirty Cop Costume you can read him his rights, especially if he
left the toilet seat up again!

Other Skimpy Fantasies

An Adam & Eve favorite, with a 5 Star Average Rating, is the Naughty Wild West Costume This
simple buck-wild faux cowhide bikini instantly tells him it's round-up time!

Bone up on your French, Spanish or any foreign language for the dust-up to follow after you greet
him as the Bedroom Maid.

Is he watching Dukes Of Hazard reruns AGAIN? Adam & Eve has a cure for that – you in
the Belle Of The Barnyard. Daisy Dukes have never been tighter, higher or sexier!

Outrageous Accessories For Halloween – Or Any Time!

First, here's the simplest costume or costume accessory a girl can have – a Feather Boa. Pair it
up with your sexiest outfit (bear in mind our boas come in pink and red), or better, just wear it as is!
Make sure he brings champagne – or the keys to a new car!

Get Wigged Out!

You don't have to spend a lot of money for a great costume wig! Whether you pick th Diva Incognito Wig
in long blonde tresses or the short, sassy brunette bob of the Foxy Incognito Wig, add a wig to any
fantasy costume and really blow their minds! For even longer, flowing blonde locks – as a cheerleader,
nurse, Lady Godiva, etc. – there's also the Pleasure Wig Joey Add sunglasses and see what kind of
reaction you get!

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