October 2020 (continued)

Forbidden Fruit Newsletter (continued)
Have you ever kept a sex secret?
Yes. My past is not anyone else's business.
No. I prefer to be an open book with my lover(s).
Sometimes. Some things are just too kinky or "unusual" to share.
None of the above. I've never done anything worth keeping a secret!
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Guilty Pleasures Continued

Exhibitionism: Showing Off To Get Off (continued)

I'M A 36 YEAR-OLD married bisexual woman and the vice president of a large international company. I have sex about two or three times a week and masturbate at least once a day. I'm very exhibitionistic, and love to be secretly watched – which is my favorite turn-on. I love to tease men, especially if I feel safe. I also like to talk about it.

I love being dressed in very sexy lingerie.

I love being dressed in very sexy lingerie. I never wear pantyhose, and only wear g-strings, if any panties at all, and garter belts, stockings, camisoles and teddies, because it turns me on just getting dressed, since I know that most interesting men and women are turned on by a well-dressed woman.

When I meet a new person, usually more women than men, that I feel sexually attracted to, I start to fantasize immediately about how I could seduce them. Sometimes I go to the ladies' room and by the time I am touching myself between the legs, I am already wet, and while I slowly enjoy my masturbation, I am visualizing that my newly found prey is actually licking me, or I am licking her. It sometimes takes only a few minutes and I am back to my office or even a meeting I had excused myself from. I live in a sexual fantasy world.

A few years ago, when I was about 27 and had been married just over a year, my husband J. and I had discovered the power that any woman can have over any man if she plays her body right and dresses right. I had long ago discovered that men and women are attracted by a woman who is dressed in sexy lingerie.

On many occasions, my husband helped me to set the stage for our little sex games, especially when we were at a party, in a public building, such as a museum or a fancy restaurant, or just shopping in the supermarket. When he is with me, I feel much bolder because I feel much safer, and since these games turn us both on like crazy, I just love to invent new ones all the time.

On this day, we had one of our more exciting sexual games and I still often fantasize about it when I masturbate. We both felt really horny and I dressed myself with extra care. It was a warm spring day and I chose a fairly short but flared light-green skirt, a very thin silky sea-green blouse and a small dark green open-cut bra on which presented my breasts like an offering on a plate. Just by dressing like that, my nipples became hard and were straining against my blouse. I put on a small lacy black garter belt, beige stockings fastened with long garter belt straps and high-heeled sandals.

Since I am tall and have long legs, I always select stockings and garter belts with great care. I also add two more straps to the garter belt which, according to my husband and some of my other lovers, male and female, makes a glimpse under my skirt even more 'sexciting.' This way, two long garter straps are running down the front of my thighs, framing my pussy, and two more straps are running down the sides of my thighs, providing an extra thrill to someone who accidentally or purposely touches my legs while I'm in a crowded subway or elevator. The remaining two straps run down the back over my buttocks, framing my back entrance really nicely, as my husband often comments. He remarks that when we are shopping, for example, and I am bending over to fetch something from a freezer, he can't help noticing how quickly my 'framed backside' draws a crowd.

I was debating whether to put on panties or not and finally decided on a very lacy light green G-string

Well, on this day, I was debating whether to put on panties or not and finally decided on a very lacy light green G-string under my short flared skirt and blouse. Since the outfit was pretty much see through, we decided that I should wear a light summer coat to get us at least to our destination without a trail of on-lookers. We were going to the central library. We had noticed on some previous visits that there are some really nice, quiet corners in some of the stacks and we also noticed some 'lookers.'

J. and I walked inside separately and it took only a couple of minutes before a very handsome, well-dressed man of about 40 picked up my trail. By moving in and out between the stacks, I lured my bait away from the main browsing area to a deserted, rarely visited corner. I put my coat on a table outside the aisles and noticed that the man had taken an observation post in the very last row while I was in the second to last row. I also saw that my husband had taken a very strategic post on the other side of the aisles where he could easily observe me and the 'watcher' without being immediately seen.

I quickly scanned the shelves and noticed an excellent area in the middle of the aisle which had a lot of empty shelf space, so the man in the next aisle could get a good view of the show I was going to put on for him. Turning my back to him, I bent over as if picking up a book from the lowest shelf and I noticed, looking under my arm, that he had immediately squatted down to get a better view of my rising skirt. My short flared skirt was far above my stocking tops, thus offering a full view of my barely concealed derriere.

I kept bending over and straightening up a few times, knowing that this fellow's face was only a few feet away. I was already very wet and very hot. And since I knew J. was close by, I also felt very safe and thus grew bolder by the minute. I knew the guy in back of me must have had a good stiff hard-on by now and was probably already rubbing himself, which my husband later confirmed. He said the man squatted down, opened his fly and sank his hand inside his pants without losing a second of watching me, and started rubbing very swiftly. He kept looking from my high heeled sandals up my beige stocking-covered legs to the dark tops, where he could see the glistening metal garter clasps attached to the long garter straps.

Since my silky panties were not only very sheer, but also very tiny, and now wet with my pussy juice, all of my behind was practically exposed, showing even some of my blond pubic hair. I never shave, but only trim it directly around the vaginal opening. This way, you can always see my natural blonde hair when I am wearing a bikini.

I had reached a point where I didn't care, I had to go all the way.

Since I was dripping wet, the crotch of my panties were sliding between my lips, causing a most delightful silky rubbing sensation on my hardened clit. By now, I had reached a point where I didn't care, I had to go all the way. I turned around slowly as if still looking for other books, and put my left foot on the second to the bottom shelf, directly in front of this fellow's face. My skirt was again riding up and it uncovered my left thigh, this way affording my husband a nice view.

I was in a constant wave of orgasm from almost the moment I touched myself, but I wanted more.

I stooped slightly, spreading my legs even further apart, and brought my dripping mound directly across from this guy's face. I could almost feel his hot breathing on my moist pussy lips. I was so horny that without waiting any longer, I pulled my wet panties aside and started rubbing my pussy with my right hand. I was in a constant wave of orgasm from almost the moment I touched myself, but I wanted more.

I took my fingers out and licked them off, then looked over at J. and gave him some questioning looks and hand signs, which he immediately understood, and he nodded his O.K. That meant nobody else was in sight, so I sauntered over to the aisle where Mr. X was still squatting on the floor. He had hastily put his cock back in his pants or maybe he had already come. I now stood just above him and put my right foot on one of the lower shelves and slipped my short skirt over his head, pulling his head between my legs.

He reacted immediately, just as I had hoped. He grabbed my buttocks, his hands sliding all over my ass, and started sucking on my wet panties, quickly sliding his tongue inside me where he started licking me furiously. At this moment, I noticed my husband sneaking up behind me and kneeling down to help Mr. X pull my buttocks apart so J. could lick my asshole. So I was licked by two eager tongues: Mr. X gave my clit and pussy a thorough sucking and licking, while J. licked deep inside my asshole.

At this point, I felt my whole body shudder and I started to squirt in one of the strongest streams I had ever experienced. Mr. X swallowed all of my pussy juice, licking like crazy, not to miss a drop, and then he got up hastily. I wanted to reward him and holding his arm, I pulled off my dripping wet panties and thrust them into his hands. Without looking at us for another second, he put my panties in his pocket and was gone like lightning. The whole episode takes longer to tell than it took in the library, which was only about 8 minutes. Once I am horny, it doesn't take long to make me flow.

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