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Sex Position of the Month

Halloween Treat
Combining the best of doggy and missionary, the Halloween Treat is sure to become your new favorite sex position. The fun starts with the women lying completely flat on her stomach with her legs held together. The male then slides in behind in just like in regular doggy. This position allows for easier G-Spot stimulation without placing any undue stress on the woman's knees. It also gives the male a feeling of dominance that will inspire his performance to all-new heights. The woman can keep her legs closed for a tighter feeling or spread them for easier access.

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Dr. Kat

Do you live the sexy life?
Check out the new for sex, dating and relationship info. Find out what people, places and things I have crushes on. There are lots of ways to you can live a sexier, more passionate life.

Plus, you can also hook up with me via social media…
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You can Ask Dr. Kat by emailing her at
Sexy Breast Exams

Dear Dr. Kat,

I'd like to feel sexier about my monthly breast exams instead of it feeling like a chore. How can I do this and get my husband in on the act?


Dear Cici,

It is National Breast Health Month. Here are my suggestions on turning the heat up and involving your partner in your breast health.

Keep in mind that you should never use someone else's judgment for your own when it comes to your breasts - whether they are your partner or your doctor. If you feel something is different or wrong with your body keep pursuing it medically until you feel satisfied. Also, the suggestions below are designed to complement the steps of your normal breast self-exam not to replace them...

Introductions, please… I know many of you think your partners are already quite familiar with your breasts. After all, breast stimulation or getting "Felt Up" is usually considered "First Base". However, what we're looking for here is for your partner to develop a new relationship with them. Breast exams don't have to be considered a scary thing. They are a positive practice to keep your breasts healthy.

Since he's going to be a part of the team give him the heads up on the history of your breasts. For instance, if you have fibrocystic lumps that you have been told are normal by your doctor, be sure to not only let your partner know about them ahead of time but also take his hand and show him what they feel like. This way he won't mistake these lumps for others - there is a difference in the way they feel. Another introduction to your breasts might take place at your OB/Gyn's office. Have your partner go with you. This is usually a truly enlightening experience for most men. If you can have him in the exam room with you, the doc can give him a personal tutorial. An additional bonus is that you can often have the OB/Gyn even show him your cervix during the vaginal part of your exam…but that should be a whole 'nother month to celebrate (National Love Your Cervix Month?) Anyway…

Set the Stage… Do make the environment comfortable and friendly. Turn the lights down and light a few candles. Perhaps a little pre-exam make out session will help the both you relax into it. Stand in front of a mirror with your partner behind you. Notice how your breasts look in the light. Have him reach around feel the weight of your breasts and how they hang off of you. Then move to the bed and lay back. Follow the breast exam instructions, but stay in front of the mirror if you can. Be sure to give feedback to each other. See if you can both communicate the sensation each one of you is feeling.

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Dr Kat & Her Gay Boyfriend

Listen to Dr. Kat's FREE iTunes Podcast
Click Here: To Listen on iTunes

See what all the buzz is about! Sex Chat is TOP 20 of Sexuality podcasts on iTunes! Hi I'm Dr. Kat, Clinical Sexologist and Relationship Therapist. Join my gay "boyfriend", Ross and I on the couch as we dish about celebrity sex and relationships, sex in the news, what sex toys we like, the nitty gritty of our own relationships and all the while answering your questions about sex, dating, marriage, STDs, sex ed, and the trials and tribulations of life and love in general. It's a 2 for 1 as you get your sex questions answered from both of our perspectives and we have a lot of fun while we're at it. Find out more at and e-mail us your questions at

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Help Fight Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A number of communities nationwide have special rallies, parades and fundraisers planned, and we strongly urge you to take part whenever possible. In the meantime, you can help fight breast cancer and reward yourself at the same time with two special vibrators. Whenever you buy the Natural Contours Pink Ribbon Vibrator or the Evolved Faith Vibrator, a portion of the proceeds is donated to breast cancer research and awareness. Helping fight cancer has never been more rewarding!

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Spend some time playing free sex games - like "Sexy Picture Find" & Connect the Dots. Download some wallpapers & learn about our sexy contract girls.

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Find Out More About Opening A Store

Now that fall is officially here, the pools are closed, and those itty-bitty bikinis are packed away for next year, it can be tempting to let your diet slide and indulge in Halloween treats.

But instead of laying the foundation for next year's New Year's Resolution, you can help keep the weight off and burn extra calories easily... with sex! Here are just a few ways to get the body you want starting in the bedroom:

1. Have More Sex. Sounds easy, doesn't it? But many of us know that a promise without a plan doesn't have the best chance of success. So make sure you get more by planning for sex like you would a regular workout. Keep things interesting by varying days, times, and adding in sexy extras like massage oil, lingerie, or sex toys. Add in spontaneity by asking your partner to surprise you by 'pouncing' on you.

2. Extend Your Sex Sessions. Quickies are great, but taking longer builds your endurance and burns more calories. (An hour of sex burns up to 300 calories!) Try having sex at a slower pace, taking short breaks if needed. Guys can use cock rings or delay spray for an extra stamina boost. And make sure to keep those long sessions slick and sexy by refreshing your moisture with extra lube.

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It's true that humans are creatures of habit, yet the flip side to that coin is that we can't help but keep exploring and seeking new experiences at the same time.

Maybe that's why so many people enjoy adult DVDs. It's sexually stimulating to peek in on things you'd never do yourself in a million years.

So let's put the XXX DVDs away for now and make some of your own fantasies come true - with role playing. Here are just a few of the benefits of role playing or sex games:

- Add variety to your sexual routine, especially if you have a sexual routine begging for a thrill
- Take on a character or role and lose your inhibitions in the process
- Sometimes you get to wear something kinky
- It's a libido refresher
- It's safe sex for two in a kinky wrapper
- You'll both create some juicy new secrets to share
- It's the perfect medicine for "same-old same-old" sex

Here's what you'll need for role playing or sex games:

- A partner who's interested and willing
- A rough plan or outline to follow or inspire you
- The right costume or lingerie (or both!)
- A time and a place

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Candida Royalle

Candidly Speaking
by Candida Royalle
© Femme Productions ®

In August I spoke of the importance of a positive body image, and promised to give you some hints on how to enhance your "attainable" beauty from the inside out. I described "in-attainable" beauty as that which we see in fashion ads and movie posters: young women and men whose bodies, even with the perfection of youth, are photo-shopped to remove the slightest flaw.

Few of us will ever look like these fashion plates - or necessarily want to. (Most men prefer a bit of curvy flesh on a woman while few women want a man who spends more time on his appearance than she does!) We're much harder on ourselves in terms of how we look than our partners are. What is attainable are qualities that are far more important in terms of attracting a mate; those that appeal to our sense of smell, taste, and touch; the ones that stand out when the lights are dimmed.

The best way to drive your mate wild with desire is to enhance your natural qualities from the inside out. Begin with your diet: the more fruits and vegetables you eat, the sweeter you'll smell and taste, from the perspiration you emit to the wetness of a woman and the ejaculate of a man. Drinking lots of water and natural juices without added sugar guarantees a lighter, more pleasant taste, smell and consistency. A diet rich in red meat and alcohol produces the opposite effect: your scents and tastes become bitter, acidic.

Working your way outward, bathing is obviously important, especially before making love. For a special treat, soak in oil-infused water and scrub yourself with a natural loofah sponge to re-juvinate and soften your skin so that it feels smooth and silky.

Finally, there's nothing like skin that's been nourished with moisturizing cream, preferably made of natural ingredients (shop in your local health food store). It's important not to smother your own intoxicating scent with too many artificially sweet smells; we're programmed to respond to the hormonal messages given off by one's own natural 'fragrance'.

Be sure to create a flattering environment with the use of lighting. I prefer low-wattage amber colored bulbs placed in lamps around the room – never overhead lights! Place bowls of fruit and other taste treats around the room, and plenty of non-alcoholic drinks to keep the juices flowing. Then, when it comes time, step in to something flowing and silky, and you've created a feast for the senses. It's been said that the most potent aphrodisiac is the scent of your lover. You have now insured that your lover will forever come back for more.

Candida Royalle is a former star of the blue movie screen who in 1984 created Femme Productions® and pioneered the genre of woman-friendly adult erotica. In 1999, she launched the Euro-designed Natural Contours® line of high-style discreet intimate products. She's the author of How to Tell a Naked Man What to Do: Sex Advice From a Woman who Knows; and a sought after speaker on topics ranging from how to have great sex to the politics of free expression. Royalle's product lines are available through For more information about Candida Royalle, visit

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Adam&Eve Hot Chat

Halloween isn't just about the kids anymore. While you're a little old for trick or treating, Adam & Eve has a number of tasty treats that adults will enjoy!

Flavored Lubes
It's hard to beat flavored lube when you want a lip-smacking or finger-licking treat! There are a wide range of different flavors for you to try. And they're all guaranteed to make oral sex a tasty delight.

Oral Sex Candies
These tasty treats and oral sex are made to go together! We've got a number of candies and mints designed to make giving oral sex just as much fun as getting! Some of these tasty treats can numb your throat to eliminate that pesky gag reflex and make deep throating easier. While others create a unique popping sensation to surprise your lover even more!

More Fun Options
And if you're still looking for a finger-licking treat, there's always the Candy Ball Gag or the Edible Thong. Both of these novelty items make great gag gifts for your friends or co-workers. And you'll be pleasantly surprised at your partner's reaction if you end up taking one or both items home with you. You can even express your artistic side with fruit-flavored body paints.

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Meet the Girls of Adam & Eve

In our quest to be the best newsletter we can be on a low-budget, limited coffee breaks, and staff of typewriting monkeys, we need your help.

If you have any suggestions of things you'd like to see in the future, especially monthly features so we don't have to waste precious brain space trying to come up with semi-original ideas, then please email them to us at

We promise to read your ideas carefully and thoroughly before making fun of the lamer ones and claiming the better ones as our own ideas. Seriously though, if you should proposition an idea that we end up using, we'll give you a shout-out plus a free annual subscription to the newsletter.

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