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Going On A Summer "Nakation"? -Time For Nude Beach Etiquette!

Well imagine that same embarrassment while naked. Scary, huh?

- Make sure you actually are at a certified nude beach. We can't emphasize this enough.
That and sunscreen.

- Going with friends? Make sure everyone is on board for nudity. Unsure? Then don't
be the first one to strip, lest your pals run off with your clothes!

- Bring sunscreen with you, don't even check with your friends. If everyone brings it, then
everyone will have it.

- Don't stare or gawk. Like staring at tall buildings, you don't want to look like a newbie.
Besides, it's rude. People are here to relax. Also, no binoculars.

- If planning to go nude in advance, try to trim down or workout. Even a little muscle
tone or an inch will help. You're going to be naked in public for heaven's sake, show your
best side - and the compliments are nice.

- Insect repellent. This depends on the beach. Generally a stiff ocean breeze keeps
most annoying flies away, but be prepared. (You can just imagine how annoying bugs
can be in your birthday suit.)

- Bring a book. Civil War history is good, Danielle Steel is not.

- Public Display of Affection: probably not a good idea on a nude beach. Save it for the
room when you get back.

- Don't be shocked. People who chose to be naked may have something unusual to show
off, like a tattoo or body piercing. Also, don't be shocked by bodies you'd rather not be seeing nude.

If you're a man reading this you're probably wondering "what if"? As in "what if" you become
aroused? That's what the blanket is for –– lay it out and lay on your stomach, and start thinking
about the 1999 Yankees. Now that was a pennant race, right? If close to the water (and it's cold),
hop in. Be like George Costanza and go for the shrinkage.

Just by following Adam & Eve's advisory on Nude Beach Etiquette, you're sure to have a
trauma-free, clothes-free nude beach experience. Because it's exciting enough to be on the
sand getting an all-over tan, right?

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