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Tips For Traveling With Your Sex Toys

- If the sex toy looks like a gun or a club, leave it at home. Leave your handcuffs, chains and riding crops at home. Maybe make do with a Pocket Rocket or an egg shaped vibe? Leave metal and glass toys at home. If you must, put metal items in check luggage. Most glass toys should survive if wrapped in clothing, depending on their size and shape.

- If possible, put sex toys in your checked luggage. By now most TSA agents have seen everything in a carry-on, so they probably know what a less than 7 inch vibrator or dildo looks like.

- Keep your toys in the bag, not on your person. Body scanners and pat downs that result in "irregularities" may cause a delay and some awkward conversation. Besides, you shouldn't wear a cock ring, nipple clamps or butt plug onto aircraft, anyway.

- If a TSA agent questions the contents of your luggage, calmly explain that the item is a "sex toy." Or "oh, that's just my vibrator." Do not panic or grab your bag. Lying to a federal agent is also not a very good idea. Besides, there are no rules against flying with sex toys in your luggage in the USA. If you feel the agent is harassing you needlessly, file a formal complaint with TSA after your trip.

- Know your destination. It is against the law in some foreign countries to carry or own a sex toy. Do your homework and behave accordingly.

- If you are worried about having your sex toys taken away or handled inappropriately, consider shipping the item to yourself at your destination. Set this up ahead of time with your hotel or host and ask them to hold the package for your arrival.

Remember: when flying, it's their way or you use the highway.

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