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Inspiration From "Fifty Shades of Grey"

Spanking: It's Not Just For Discipline Anymore
Why does Anastasia put up with all that spanking? Is it really a punishment if even the lightest smack increases blood flow and circulation to her derriere and in turn the rest of her naughty bits? Stimulating your partner with light spanking is easy! Keep in mind the spanker should always ask first and make sure the first smack is light. Test your partner's response, the idea is to stimulate, not to cause more pain than pleasure!

No Hard Feelings: Massage Is The Message
Have your spanked partner lie on their tummy. Using massage oils or cream, slowly massage their freshly spanked bum to increase circulation and reduce any soreness. For ass lovers this will be like nirvana. Try some of Adam & Eve's best massage oils and find your favorite.

He's Tied Up And You're Busy
There's a lot of light bondage in the Fifty Shades books. One of you is tied up, perhaps hands bound with a necktie, as well as ankles. (For safety's sake we suggest you make the knots loose enough for your partner to undo in case of an emergency. Many bondage kits have velcro releases that hold firm but can be released if needed by the wearer.) Now is not the time for sex per se, but for you to explore what kind of caresses and kisses your tied up lover enjoys! Be sure to ask questions like "Does this feel good? How about if I use my lips?"

He's See No Evil
Whether you tie a blindfold on to your willing partner, or they slip one on from a bondage kit, be sure to dim the lights first. This will make the blindfold even more effective and create a sexy mood, too.

It Takes Balls To Do This
Ben Wa balls, that is. You may think the author of Fifty Shades has single handedly brought back sexy Ben Wa balls, but did you know Adam & Eve has been selling Ben Wa Balls and other similar kegel exercisers for over four decades? First developed in ancient China, the balls are inserted into the vagina, one at a time. Try a little lube or moisten them with a lick or two. Once inside, use your muscles there to keep them in! For your first try do this at home and walk around - you'll get the hang of it in no time. Regular use of Ben Wa balls will delight his penis when he enters you and he feels how toned you are! It's also very sexy to wear Ben Wa balls during oral sex and other foreplay. Find your best set. Shop our selection of Ben Wa balls.

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